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We need your help

We can always use more help. How great would it feel to help a family find their perfect match? Or work a special event that raised funds for the pets in our care? There are so many ways you can help as a volunteer – from getting down and dirty with the pets to clerical work in an office. And we appreciate every hour.

We love our volunteers. You should be one!

We know that we could not do everything we do for pets and the people who love them without you, our extraordinary, dedicated volunteers. Volunteers donate more than 150,000 hours in a year. Wow! We truly cannot do without you!

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Ready to go? Great! If you haven't yet, look over the wide variety of opportunities and review the list of requirements then start your volunteer application. Once you're ready, click the button below to get started.

Current Volunteers

Volunteers have access to a wide range of resources. If you are a current volunteer, you can view these resources by clicking the button below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Requirements

 To become an HSSA volunteer you must:

  • Care about animal welfare.

  • Be able to make a six-month commitment.

  • Be at least 15 years of age to volunteer.

  • Have the written permission of a parent or guardian if you are between 15 and 17 years old.

  • Fill out a Volunteer Application.

  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation. Once your application has been approved, and you will be asked to submit an orientation fee of $15 per person and be invited to an upcoming Volunteer Orientation.

  • Be willing to demonstrate a positive, customer-oriented attitude when dealing with the public as well as a collaborative, teamwork approach when working with staff and other volunteers.

  • Volunteers who work directly with animals will require additional training.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona has a wide array of volunteer opportunities that are typically fulfilled by volunteers who work with or in and around cats and dogs. To safely and effectively serve as a volunteer, volunteers need to possess the following physical, mental, and emotional capacities. Please note: some accommodations can be made, please contact the Volunteer Office to discuss any of these capabilities that are difficult for you.

Essential Requirements

 HSSA volunteers are also required to possess:

Essential Physical Capabilities

  • Ability to use both hands simultaneously (example: open cage door while handling an animal).

  • Sufficient level of manual dexterity, to collar/leash animals and handle small tools.

  • Ability to walk unaided on unpaved, uneven, rugged and sometimes slippery terrain.

  • Ability to stand for significant periods of time.

  • Average vision (with or without correction) to move safely around the building, to be able to observe animal body language without difficulty, and to be able to read notes on animals’ paperwork.

  • Average hearing (with or without correction) to hear if animal is growling or making sounds indicating fear or pain. Ability to hear calls of alarm such as audible warnings from others or sirens.

  • Ability to maneuver well in tight spaces.

  • Must not have strong allergies to animals or to chemicals, such as those used in grooming or cleaning, that can’t be managed by medication.

  • Ability to deal with strong and unpleasant odors, fleas, ticks, feces and possible wounds or injuries to animals in our care.

  • Ability to cope with a very loud environment.

  • Ability to reach cabinets and cages at least six feet in height, using a step stool as needed.

  • No known concerns about tolerating exposure to zoonotic diseases such as ringworm and mange.

Essential Mental Capabilities

  • Ability to understand, remember and follow instructions and procedures.

  • Good communication skills; reading, writing (example: understand instructions such as quarantine).

  • Possess basic problem-solving capability.

  • Ability to receive, incorporate and sustain instruction and feedback.

  • Ability to remain calm with animals who are upset, behave with confidence and sensitivity, show good judgment and act appropriately in these situations.

  • Ability to cope with unexpected animal behavior without assistance.

  • Ability to understand Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) positions regarding our Animal Bill of Rights, Spay/Neuter Policy, Euthanasia Policy, Confidentiality Agreement and other key animal welfare issues and an ability and willingness to appropriately and accurately represent those policies when interacting with the public or otherwise representing HSSA.

adorable kitten looking over the shoulder of a volunteer

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Looking for Group Volunteer Opportunities?

We have different opportunities for community and student groups to complete projects to help our pets. Please contact mkothe@hssaz.org or (520) 321-3704, Ext. 125 for details. Find information on group opportunities here.

If you need to complete court-ordered community service, call our Thrift Store at (520) 327-0010.

If you are a teacher looking for a class project, especially for younger students, please check out our Service Projects for Children through our Education Department.

Where do I go for Volunteer Orientation?

More questions? Contact our Volunteer Department.

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