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Vaccinations (Shots) and Wellness

Vaccinate to keep them healthy

*Due to a veterinarian staffing shortage, our Wellness Program is not currently accepting new patients.
If your pet is experiencing signs of illness or injury, please make an appointment with a full-service veterinary clinic.*

Vaccinating your pet against canine or feline viruses is an important
part of maintaining good health.

HSSA offers walk-in low-cost vaccinations twice a week on a first-come, first-served basis at our Main Campus located at 635 West Roger Road, Tucson, AZ 85705.

• Wednesdays at 9:00 A.M. and Saturdays at 7:00 A.M.
• Sign-up begins 15 minutes before each vaccine clinic starts.
• Come early as available patient slots usually fill within 30 minutes
• Total number of animals seen varies based on staff available.

You may experience a long wait, pets are seen in numerical order, as assigned at check-in. Please be mindful of the heat/weather as you may be asked to wait outdoors.

Please bring proof of your pet's prior vaccination history to help us determine your pet's needs.

Vaccine Costs:

• Rabies $18

• DAPP $18
• Bordetella $18
• Leptospirosis $18
• Influenza $25

• Rabies 1 YEAR $20
• Rabies 3 YEAR $39
• FVRCP $18
• FeLV $18

Other services available at vaccine clinics:
• Oral Deworming
• Heartworm Testing
• FeLV/FIV Testing
• Microchipping
• Heartworm Prevention
• Flea/Tick Prevention

***If your pet is experiencing signs of illness, we may not be able to vaccinate them. We recommend you schedule an appointment with a full-service veterinary clinic to address any medical concerns.***

For additional questions please call 520-881-0321.

Pima County requires all dogs older than 3 months to have a rabies vaccination and to be licensed in Pima County.

Not Sure What Your Pet Needs?

Important Information

Please bring your cats in a secure carrier. Cats can escape easily if not properly contained. It is best to bring multiple cats in individual carriers. If you do not have multiple carriers, for your convenience we offer sturdy cardboard cat carriers for $8.

Dogs must always be on a leash or in a carrier, even puppies.

During inclement weather, you may wait in your car after you've signed in (just let us know which car is yours).

We have benches outside and will try to move everyone through as quickly as possible.

  • We accept cash and credit/debit cards, care credit, and scratch pay

Frontline Flea & Tick Treatment

**Animals that have FLEAS, TICKS, or MITES at the time of exam and/or surgery will be treated and FEE will be charged.

Heartworm Medication for Dogs Testing by HSSA required.

Heartworm Medication for Dogs  Testing by HSSA required.
Up to 25 lbs : $60
26 - 50lbs : $75
51 - 100lbs : $85
Frontline Flea & Tick Treatment
Per dose: $18
3 doses: (up to 22 lbs) $40 $46
(22-44 lbs) $45 $48
(45-88 lbs) $50
(89-132 lbs) $52
C.E.T. Dental Hygiene Chews
X-Small $12
Small $15
Medium $18
Large $21
X-Large $24
Selarid Flea and Ear Mite Prevention for Cats
Per dose: $15
3 doses: (up to 5 lbs) $30
6 doses: (5.1-15 lbs $50) $50
(15.1-22 lbs)) $55

HSSA's Income-based Wellness Clinic

*Due to a veterinarian staffing shortage, our Wellness Program is not currently accepting new patients. If your pet is experiencing signs of illness or injury, please make an appointment with a full-service veterinary clinic.*

HSSA’s donor-subsidized veterinary clinic plays a crucial role in ensuring pets stay healthy, with their families, and not surrendered to a shelter for lack of health care.

All wellness services are by appointment only. We do not see walk-in appointments, and urgent care cases should be seen by a local emergency clinic.

Please call 520-881-0321 to schedule an appointment.


Wellness Application

Fill out our online Wellness Application (PDF) with the button above and once completed please email application to spayneuter@hssaz.org.  We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Questions? Please call 520-881-0321.

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona provides affordable, quality veterinary care for your dogs and cats. Our clean, modern facility has everything you need for a pet’s lifetime from basic vaccinations and wellness care to a range of diagnostic and therapeutic veterinary services. Our pharmacy offers many affordable medications, supplements and preventatives.

At HSSA, we understand how much your pet means to you and we know that financial resources can be limited. HSSA veterinarians practice “spectrum of care” medicine, which means we work with you to navigate the wide range of care options to determine the best course of action, specifically tailored to you and your pet’s situation.

As a nonprofit striving to serve our community, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible and our payment options as flexible as possible. We are committed to working with you to meet the needs of your pet in situations of financial hardship. Our doctors and our staff can help connect you with financial resources, including subsidized pricing and utilization of grant funding when available.

At this time, HSSA is able to offer examinations and basic diagnostics/treatments for clients who are income-qualified (make less than or equal to the following amounts) based on the following table:

Family Size Annual Income to Utilize Wellness Program
Single person (individual) $20,385.00
Family of 2 $27,465.00
Family of 3 $34,545.00
Family of 4 $41,625.00
Family of 5 $48,705.00
Family of 6 $55,785.00
Family of 7 $62,865.00
Family of 8 $69,945.00
Family of 9+ Add $7,080 for each additional person above 8

*150% of FPL (2022)

HSSA no longer requires clients to provide verification of income.

Where do I bring my pet?

If you are coming to the HSSA Clinic, you will want to go to the blue Clinic building.

Location Map - Main Campus Locations - Clinic