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About Us

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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has saved over one million pets since 1944. We take in pets from all over Southern Arizona, assisting smaller shelters by taking in hard-to-place pets and pets with serious medical needs – pets who might not otherwise have a chance at life. We heal their bodies and their hearts, and help them find loving forever homes. We believe in the power of community. Find out all the ways we can help you at our website, www.hssaz.org.

Unlike many national animal welfare organizations, Humane Society of Southern Arizona is located right here in your community — providing care for animals in need 365 days a year. We are not a government agency and are not affiliated with any national humane societies. We rely on neighbors like you to enable us to do our needed work.

Compassionately serving pets and the people who love them.

In order to one day, realize our vision:

A community in which all pets are cared for and loved.

HSSA is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is not a department of the federal, state, county or city government, nor is it a branch of, or affiliated with, any other charitable organization.


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