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HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Ivy and Simon

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022

This week, meet adoptables Ivy and Simon, and learn more about how you can become a valuable part of the HSSA family of fosters and help care for the influx of kittens and puppies that will be filling the shelter this puppy and kitten season.

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Bessie and Blaze!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022

This week, meet adoptables, Bessie and Blaze, and learn more about how you can make a difference in lives of shelter pets here in our own backyard AND across the country by donating to this year's March Muttness Tournament.

HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet Queenie!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2022

"Hi there, my name is Queenie! I am a fawn colored, two year old Pit Bull. I'm large and in charge, but my friends at HSSA have me on a special diet so that I can be medium and in charge. I hope that no matter how I look you'll be able to love me all the same. I also have a big personality you're sure to fall in love with! I'm eager to join a forever home where I can be someone's true best friend; just you and me taking on the world together. What do you think? Could we be a perfect match?"

Come meet me at 635 W Roger Rd, and call an adoptions counselor at 520-327-6088 ext 173 to learn more about me!

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Hazel and bonded pair, Colby & Jack, and learn more about HSSA happenings

Tuesday, February 8th, 2022

This week, meet adoptables Hazel and bonded pair, Colby & Jack, and learn more about how your dog can shine in the limelight they deserve by entering them into our Cover Dog Contest 2022 happening NOW!

How to take amazing photos of your dog

Make your dog a cover dog with these simple steps

Monday, January 24th, 2022

Cover Dog is back and in full swing! Yes, your chance to let your dog shine as they grace the cover of Tucson Lifestyle Magazine has come around once again, and we know you are excited. Any chance to give your dog the spotlight they so greatly deserve right?!

There is a unique purity about dogs. They give us 100% of themselves and their love unconditionally, all the time, and that is truly the rarest magic you can find on earth. All dog parents can attest to that, and the desire to capture that rarity to keep is a goal of every dog parent. Let’s be honest, most of us take more photos of our dogs than anything else! Getting that perfect photo that shows their personality through-and-through can be a hard challenge. Well, worry not, because we are here to help! Follow these few simple tips to get professional-level photos of your dog, fit for the cover of a magazine. 

Submit your best photos and you and your dog’s story here to enter the 2022 Cover Dog Contest! Entries are $25 and that will get you 25 votes -- each additional vote is only $1, and every dollar supports HSSA, so encourage people to vote often.


Step 1: Grab their favorite treats and toys for motivation

By having your dog’s favorite toys and treats, you are able to use them as a focusing point for your dog to keep their attention on you and your camera. This gives you the best chance at snapping a photo with their direct gaze. 

Step 2: Head to the Outdoor

Taking your mini photoshoot outside gives you the best lighting for the most incredible photos. Natural light is always the best in capturing your dog’s natural features and highlighting them. 

Step 3: Incorporate a little play time

Starting your photo session with a little fetch or tug-of-war will get your dog’s energy up, and get them panting a little bit, which will bring out their natural smile when it comes to taking the photo. 

Step 4: Bribe, bribe, bribe!

Don’t be afraid to use a little bribery to get that perfect shot! Hold your dog’s favorite treat just above the top of your camera. They will lock their eyes on that delicious morsel, unknowingly looking directly at the camera, and give you the perfect shot. Squeaky toys also help attract your dog’s glaze and can even get you the coveted head tilt shot!

Step 5: Get down on their level

Changing the angle of your photos from looking down on your dog versus at their level, allows you to change the perspective of the shot from a human one to a dog one - sharing the world from their angle. 

Step 6: Photograph them where they are most comfortable

Know where your pet’s favorite places are and catch them in their natural element. You'll capture better emotion and fill your photo with a sense of relatability. 

Step 7: Take photos in a vertical format

The best way to capture your dog is taking photos in a portrait format. This means holding your camera in a way that when the photo is taken it’s vertical instead of landscape. 

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Midnight and Irma, and learn more about how you can make an impact with a special donation.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

This week, meet adoptables Midnight and Irma, and learn more about how you can continue to honor legendary actress and animal advocate, Betty White by donating to HSSA in her honor.

Winter Weather Pet Tips

3 Tips to Keep your Pet Warm this Winter

Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

The holidays are behind us, but the frigid winter weather is only just beginning. While our winters here in the desert may not be swirling with snow storms and intense freezes, we still get below freezing temperatures and winter rains that can have a devastating effect on pets who are left outside. 

The winter weather can be a tough time for pet parents to navigate because there is so much information out there on what is right and what is wrong. It’s overwhelming, and we understand that! We want to help make it more simple by giving you 3 simple tips on how you can keep your pets warm and healthy this winter. 

Winter Pet Clothing

Pet sweaters and jackets are really coming into the limelight these days, but they are far more than just fashion for pets. These items give your pet an extra layer of protection from the cold, and keeps them warm while outside on winter walks. Apart from items like jackets and sweaters, many pet supply stores (including HSSA’s PAWSH Park Place) also sell pet boots that are incredibly important in protecting your pets paws on cold surfaces. 

Keep your Pets Indoors

One of the most important things you can do to protect your pet during winter weather is to bring them indoors. If you would be uncomfortable and freezing staying outdoors for a long period of time, so would your pet. Many believe that because our pets are animals they have an innate ability to withstand harsh weather without being affected, similar to their wild ancestors, however, that is hardly the case. Domesticated animals have been genetically adapted over many generations to live alongside humans as they do. The earliest evidence of dog domestication began with wolves sometime between 33,000 and 11,000 years ago. As you can imagine, over that vast period of time, the biological survival instincts inherent within these distant wild ancestors has diminished - making today’s pets incapable of enduring harsh weather of the same caliber. Long story short, please bring your pets indoors in freezing weather. It can be a matter of life and death. 

Cozy Up their Space

Every pet likely has a special place in the home that is all their own. During cold temperatures, it can be helpful to make their place snug and full of warmth by incorporating extra pillows and blankets. Additionally, if you have a space in your home that is generally warmer than others, consider adding an extra sleeping place in that spot to give them a more comfortable space to keep warm. 

Keeping your pets safe this winter doesn’t have to be overwhelming. All it takes is a little bit of extra love and care, and your pets will thank you deeply for keeping them warm and safe this winter season. 




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HSSA Feature Program

The joy of becoming a HSSA Volunteer

Monday, January  10th, 2022

This week, discover the unmatched joy and fulfillment of becoming a HSSA Volunteer. Whether it's helping exercise and give love to shelter dogs and cats, fostering, or heling out at the incredible HSSA Thrift Store, becoming a HSSA Volunteer will welcome you into a family unlike any you've had before.

HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet adoptables Rosalie and Angel and see what's happening at HSSA

Tuesday, January 4th, 2022

This week, meet adoptables, Rosalie and Angel, and learn more about HSSA's Jog-a-Dog program, a volunteer initiative built to help provide enrichment for shelter dogs and give them a better chance at finding their forever homes.

Year End Giving that Saves Lives

See the programs and services your year end gifts help!

Tuesday, December 21st, 2021

Take a look back at the year behind us, and see all of the amazing things HSSA has been able to accomplish because of incredible supporters like you. Your year end gifts help all of the programs and services here at HSSA and give us the resources to save more lives. Help us continue to make a difference in the lives of shelter pets by giving a year end gift this year!

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Queenie and Riley

Tuesday, December 14th, 2021

This week, meet adoptables, Queenie and Riley, and learn more about how you can gift the children in your life with a present that will inspire them and grow their imagination all while having fun at the same time with a Hand in Paw Kids Club Membership!

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Barb and Tenay, and learn more about HSSA happenings.

Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

This week, meet adoptables, Barb and Tenay, and learn about how you can get a kick start to your holiday gift-giving and give back to shelter pets with HSSA's Holiday PAWction.

HSSA Feature Pets of the Week

Meet Malakai and Margo

Monday, November 29th, 2021

This week, we want to show you the impact you have made by being a part of our Giving Tuesday event and donating life-saving funds. Whether you donated $5.00 or $500, your support made a huge difference. Meet two special pets who's lives were saved here at HSSA, Malakai and Margo, thanks to contributions like yours.

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Barb and Cosette, and learn more about Giving Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

This week, meet two special pets who's lives were saved here at HSSA, Barb and Cosette, and learn more about how you can be a part of the incredible and heart-warming transformations of sick, injured, and homeless pets here at HSSA by giving a charitable donation to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona on Giving Tuesday, November 30th.