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HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet Aspen

Monday, November 16th, 2020

Aspen is a total sweetheart. This gentle 3 year old boy is quiet, affectionate, and just wants to be loved. Meet Aspen by making an appointment at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by calling (520) 327-6088 ext. 173

You can help homeless pets in need by bidding in our online Holiday Pawction! Our online auction site hosts hundreds of local and unique items that will make great gifts for the pet lovers in your life. Browse our Holiday Pawction now and start bidding between November 27th and December 6th.

HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet Jarhead and Happy Veterans Day

Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

Jarhead is a one year old boy who is looking for his forever famiy! Jarhead would love a home that provides him with ample exercise and training. He is very smart and eager to learn. Jarhead will serve his new owners well and make an outstanding addition to your family.

To learn more about this adorable pup please call 520-327-6088, ext. 173 to speak with an adoption counselor.


HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Meet Gabby

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Gabby is a 2 year old cat with a big personality! She’s a chatterbox who loves attention and enjoys having her head scratched. Gabby is so sweet and sociable, and even sometimes gives kisses! If you’re looking for a cat who can always keep you entertained, come meet Gabby.

Make an appointment to meet her at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by calling (520) 327-6088 ext 173.

Together for the Holidays

Milo and Phoebe will spend the holidays in warm beds receiving the medical care they need thanks to our generous donors.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

A FIVE YEAR OLD spaniel mix was found laying motionless under a tree in late September. A Good Samaritan approached the small dog sure that his time had come but was shocked to see two little eyes open and look up at them. He was alive and now on his way to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Our Good Samaritan carried Milo through HSSA’s doors and our medical team immediately got to work with a lump in their throats. The urgency to diagnose and treat this sweet boy was strong with our shelter medical team. He looked up at them with crusty and matted eyes and seemed to ask for help. We quickly found that Milo was suffering from one of the most severe cases of Valley Fever that our staff had ever seen. This fungal disease had run rampant in his body without treatment, likely for his entire life. Because of this he is suffering from cachexia or “wasting syndrome”. Symptoms of wasting syndrome include extreme weight loss, muscle loss, a lack of appetite, fatigue, and decreased strength. Our team started him on Flucanazole, pain medications and other medications and treatments to treat his anemia, Valley Fever and overall disintegration.

There were many moments that we weren’t sure if Milo was up to this course of care. How could his tiny, frail body handle these medications? Eating was even hard for him at first. But day by day Milo improved. Milo looked a little brighter. Milo moved his paws out toward staff as if reaching for his future. And we’re happy to announce that his life was saved. Milo is still in our Second Chance Medical Unit and still receiving life-saving care thanks to donors like you. Milo has slowly begun to walk again and his tail wags when he sees his favorite vet techs. He has been given a chance to live a long and healthy life thanks to the support of our family of donors.

Five month old Phoebe was surrendered to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by her owners after sustaining a life-threatening dog attack. Her kitten arm was pulled under a closed door by a dog in the home. She was in serious pain with large wounds across her arm and shoulder. HSSA was able to take Phoebe in and provide care thanks to the monies raised over the past year in our Second Chance Medical Fund. Phoebe was a star patient for our team and she didn’t seem to skip a beat after the accident. Phoebe purrs and rubs up against visitors when they stop by the Second Chance Medical Unit. She will finish up her healing in the warm and calm home of one of HSSA’s amazing Foster Care families. We know Phoebe will make a full recovery and bring great happiness to her forever family when that great day comes.

These are just two stories of healing and hope. There are so many others that never find their names in our magazine. HSSA cares for more than 5,000 pets each year. With your help we provide medical care and treatment as well as the basic necessities like food, water, safety and shelter. Some of these pets come to us after living hard lives in need of a second chance, while others are born at HSSA or come to us very young in need of a healthy beginning. With your tax-deductible gifts we are able to help them ALL. This holiday season please join our family of donors and make a gift in honor of Milo, Phoebe or the pet that grew your heart.

Make your tax-deductible gift now at

Milo 2
Milo 4
Phoebe 2

HSSA Clinic’s Pet Dental Cleanings

Do you know how to brush your dog’s teeth?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

PET OWNERSHIP IS a wonderful thing. The benefits, joy and love a pet brings into our families’ lives is immeasurable. Of course, these rewards come with certain responsibilities and expenses. Pet food, grooming supplies, toys, collars, and bedding (all available in our PAWSH stores) are associated costs that most pet owners consider before adopting a pet into their households.

Even when pet owners are well-aware of the requirements for great veterinary care for their furry family member, the actual costs can come as a terrible shock – especially when dental care is needed. Infected gums and rotted teeth cause great suffering, so dental care is a necessity. But anyone who has had more than regular check-ups and cleaning can attest to the expenses associated with going to going to a human dentist. Dental procedures for pets can be even more expensive.

That is why the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Spay and Neuter Clinic has expanded our Wellness Program services to include many essential and life-saving dental care options for pets. The Wellness Program works to serve households that may be struggling to afford veterinary care in these difficult times. Dental procedures offered by the HSSA Spay & Neuter Clinic include dental exams and x-rays, cleanings, bloodwork, and much more, and are available for everyone, regardless of income.

Spaces are limited. To check availability and to learn more about our Wellness
Program or to apply, visit

Dental Before and After

HSSA’s Shelter Medical Heroes

The heroes behind the amazing stories that result from the Second Chance Medical Fund.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

ONE OF THE amazing aspects of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona are the quality of people who work and volunteer within the organization. From our Adoptions staff who celebrate every time a homeless pet finds a forever home, to the volunteers who walk every dog and play with every cat, there are a lot of things happening all the time at HSSA. Even among the extraordinary things that go on every day, the work that is performed by HSSA’s shelter medical team is truly remarkable.

Medical cases entering the shelter fall under the care of Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Santana Overton and her team. Together, they treat and save the lives of hundreds of homeless pets every year. From the simplest exam to critical medical crises, HSSA’s medical team treats every patient with genuine care and devotion.

On any given day, HSSA’s shelter medical staff have a busy schedule. From checking on each patient in recovery, to prepping for every procedure on the medical board, shelter veterinarian Dr. Overton and her team dedicate themselves to every pet that enters the shelter and requires medical care. It can be grueling, thankless, and sometimes emotionally heartfelt work.

Dr. Overton and her team of JarieAnna, Stefanie F., Stephannie M. and Stephanie C. (ed note: Yes, HSSA’s shelter medical team has three ‘Stephanies’!) are the heroes behind the amazing stories that result from the Second Chance Medical Fund. These patients who need medical treatment above that which would normally be available are why the Second Chance Fund is so important. It provides the financial support that these cases require while the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s medical team supplies the expertise, love, and care that turn these difficult medical cases into victories.

Elmer and Fudd Before and After Photos:
Boxer Puppies Before
Boxer Puppies After
Hammerhead Before and After Photos:
Hammerhead After
Hammerhead Before
Bugsy Before and After Photos:
Bugsy Before
Bugsy 891607 After
Suede Before and After Photo:
Suede Before
Suede After

Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

PUTTIN’ ON THE DOG has been the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s most important fundraising event for each of the past 22 years. It is an award-winning gala that had become a tradition in Tucson. Planning and production by HSSA’s Events team, Marketing team, and committee members had already begun at the start of the COVID-19 crisis. The decision was made to first postpone and then ultimately replace the grand, in-person event with a televised, virtual version and the HSSA Puttin’ on the Dog “Tail-a-thon” was born.

Production began in August on the television special and HSSA’s Marketing and Events teams hustled to replicate as much as possible the orginal Puttin’ on the Dog’s fun and excitement, including the heartwarming stories and the important message of HSSA’s mission.

The Tail-a-thon was hosted by HSSA’s own Marketing and Public Relations Lead, Monique Conway and philanthropy auctioneer Bobby D. Elhert of Call to Auction, and included special appearances by local community leaders and business owners, including Tucson’s Mayor Regina Romero. Musical performances were provided by local musicians John Coinman and Blair Forward, Sabra Faulk, and Ted Ramirez and the Santa Cruz River Band. The powerful and inspiring stories featured throughout the show were produced by Hannah Carl, HSSA’s Social Media Coordinator.

The response to Tail-a-thon by the community was tremendous. The special aired on October 10th and 11th and was able to exceed our goal of raising more than $100,000 to continue shelter operations for the thousands of homeless pets that HSSA will care for in the coming year. HSSA staff and volunteers worked the telephones and received a flood of calls with donations and support for the Second Chance Medical Fund during the televised event.

The staff, volunteers, and pets at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona thank everyone who watched, donated, and supported HSSA’s vital work.

If you missed the show it is always viewable from the HSSA YouTube channel at The program has ended but the need has not. To make a donation visit

Featured Special Guests:

HSSA Holiday Gift Guide

Give the purr-fect gift while making a difference for homeless pets.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020
Gift Guide Tree

THE SEASON OF giving is upon us! This year, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is proud to offer holiday ornaments and cards by the renowned local artist, Diana Madaras. These beautiful ornaments and cards are an amazing opportunity to support the Humane Society while giving the gift of art! These are truly one-of-a-kind gifts and a chance to own original artwork by Diana Madaras! Get your holiday ornaments and cards now at

Wondering what to get the animal lovers in your life who have everything? PAWSH Park Place and PAWSH Roger Road have unique and special pet-themed gift items you won’t find anywhere else. Candles, cards, mugs, and more make memorable and touching stocking stuffers that show just how much you care. Don’t forget a delicious treat, a comfy new dog bed, or a one-of-kind hand-crafted jingle bell for your feline family member. You can learn more about how shopping at PAWSH helps support the work of HSSA by visiting

Gift-shopping at PAWSH isn’t the only way to shop and save lives with HSSA! Visit HSSA’s award-winning Thrift Store at 5311 E. Speedway Blvd, in Tucson. Go thrifting for that perfect gift or just find a great jacket or even a new Sam Levitz Furniture. There’s something new to discover every day and every sale directly benefits the animals at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Learn more at

There’s even more incredible ways to shop this holiday season with HSSA. The Holiday PAWction has become a tradition in Tucson! Each year, bidders support the life-saving work of the Humane Society while winning truly remarkable and sought-after gift packages, items, collectibles, art, vacation stays and more. The Holiday PAWction has a huge impact on the lives of so many homeless pets, especially at this time of year. Visit to view all the amazing auction items and to start bidding! The Holiday PAWction runs from November 27th through December 6th.

Perhaps the most stylish gifts you can give this season are our brand-new holiday-inspired t-shirts! This year’s adorable design will be sure to delight the pet devotees on your shopping list. Be sure to grab yourself one, too! Visit our store online where you can find our shirts, facemasks, and even more cool HSSA swag. While you are there, pick-up some Millions for Tucson Raffle tickets for a chance to win a new truck from Jim Click Automotive- they make great gifts, too! Shop online now at and have a great time doing your holiday shopping while helping to save the lives
of the thousands of pets HSSA cares for throughout the year. Happy Holidays!

Zophia is home for the holidays.

Another Adoption Success Story

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

ZOPHIA’S ADOPTERS ORIGINALLY came to HSSA with their hearts set on a different dog. But the couple, Ismaly and Carlos, became discouraged when the dog they thought would be the newest member of their family had a negative reaction to Carlos’ wheelchair. After discussing the situation with an adoption counselor, Ismaly and Carlos agreed to meet Zophia.

“The moment they brought her up to us, she was filled with excitement and happiness towards both of us. After playing with her a while, we knew she was going to be a great fit.”

Zophia spent more than 4 months at HSSA. She was difficult to place because of her reactivity towards other dogs. But that didn’t matter to Zophia’s new parents. Zophia is loved and adored just the way she is, and is even getting along better with other other dogs. Ismaly says, “When we first brought her to our home, she made it hers right away. She explored all our rooms and just hung out with us from the start. I have nothing but great things to say about her transition. She brings us so much excitement and is friendly with everyone she meets. We thought we would be doing a good thing by adopting a dog that was given up, but we had no idea what a blessing she would be to us.”

Zophia 1
Zophia 2
Zophia 3
Zophia 4

HSSA Adoptable Pet of the Week

Bandit will steal your heart

Monday, October 26th, 2020

If you’re looking for a dog that will never stop showering you with love, Bandit is your guy! Bandit is 5 years old and is the sweetest, wiggliest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves giving hugs and playing with people. Bandit has never met a person he doesn’t immediately fall in love with.

You can meet Bandit by making an appointment at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by calling (520) 327-6088 ext. 173.

Some senior pets need extra help finding families

Don't forget about Envy

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Today we're sharing 9 year old Envy once more. You may remember her video from a few months back. Envy has unfortunately been waiting for her forever family since June 2020. This sweet girl is older and is overlooked by many adopters due to her age. She is also nervous and living in the kennel for prolonged periods of time is not soothing to this old girl. She loves people and will do best in a calm and predictable home.

How can you help Envy? If you aren't in a place to adopt please SHARE Envy's video with your friends and family. Together we will find her the home she deserves! To learn more about Envy please call 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet King, Dinah and Thumper

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

We are excited for you to learn more about our featured pets of the week!

Seven year old King is as mellow as they come. This big, handsome boy is a complete cuddle bug and very mellow on his morning walks. He would make a great companion to a loving family. Who could resist his big, goofy smile!

Dinah is an 8 year old senior cat who has stunning yellow eyes and a pure white coat. She is very calm and loves to be pet. She would do best in a relaxing home and will enjoy being your lap cat.

And meet Thumper - this 8 month old rabbit was litter box trained in his previous home and was allowed free roam of the house! This fun rabbit will make a great addition to your family.

To learn more about these sweet pets watch the video below and call an adoption counselor at 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon Program 2020

Watch anytime below and thank you for your support!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

This past weekend we premiered our Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon 1 hour program in benefit of the Second Chance Medical Fund. Your continued support was overwhelming and we were so pleased to share this heart-warming stories for long term and new donors alike. If you missed it please feel free to watch below and share with your friends!

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Khalifa, Crickey, Chocolate and Berry

Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

This week we would love for you to meet three pets that are currently in our shelter and waiting for their new, forever families!

Khalifa is a beautiful boy who has caught the eye of HSSA staff and volunteers. He is shy at first but once he warms up to you he is a loveable boy who is sure to make a loyal companion. Next up in Cricket! Cricket is a playful, young cat who is waiting for the purrrfect family. And lastly we have Chocolate and Berry - a bonded pair of Guinea Pigs! These sweet friends would love to go to their forever home together. Would you love to meet one of these featured pets? Make an appointment today at 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Meet Bugsy, Jersey and Petunia

Monday, September 21st, 2020

This week we would love for you to meet three pets that are currently in our shelter and waiting for their new, forever families!

Bugsy is a very special dog who came to HSSA with a severe skin infection - he needed the immediate help of HSSA's Second Chance Medical Fund. He is also one of our stars of our upcoming Tail-a-thon hour long program which will raise money for Bugsy and his friends. Learn how to tune in HERE.

Jersey is a playful 7 year old cat who is looking for a forever family! She is very fun and has gorgeous green eyes. Click the photo above to see her in action!

And we have one year old Petunia! Did you know that rabbits can be litter box trained just like cats and have a lifespan comparable to dogs? To learn more about these sweet pets watch the video above and call an adoption counselor at 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

HSSA Adoptable Pets of the Week

Ravioli, Celine and Daisy

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

This week we would love for you to meet three pets that are currently in our shelter and waiting for their new, forever families!

Ravioli is a one year old boy who is eager to learn. He knows how to sit and loves treats. He has done well with dogs in the past and would love to meet you and your dog pack!

Celine is a four year old girl who is calm and loving. She would love to join a predictable and supportive home that will give her lots of snuggle time.

And lastly but certainly not the least is a fun little rabbit named Daisy! Daisy is a one year old velvety soft rabbit who is very social and would love to go to a home with other rabbits!

To learn more about these sweet pets watch the video below and call an adoption counselor at 520-327-6088, ext. 173. To see all HSSA adoptable pets please click here. 

Meet Bo:

The Handsome Lad selected for the cover of The Tucson Dog Magazine.

We are pleased to announce a special event on Sunday, September 13 from noon to 3pm at La Encantada (Tucson Rescue Now) showcasing our friend, Bo, who was selected to be the 'Cover Dog' in this month's edition of The Tucson Dog magazine.

Bo is a 6 year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boston Terrier mix who has endured substantial abuse in the past.  He's  special to us because, despite this history, Bo is nothing but sweet affection toward people and is especially fond of children.  This can be seen in the video linked below.  However, due to the abuse involving another dog, making Bo uneasy with other dogs, he needs to be an only pet.  This short video shows the many delightful sides to BO:


Day old rabbits at HSSA

Every summer the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is inundated with newborn puppies, kitties and even rabbits!

These sweet rabbits came to HSSA from a hoarding situation. HSSA offered to help a neighboring shelter handle the 40 plus baby rabbits that were found at the residence. We knew that would wonderful foster volunteers would be up to the task of helping these little fighters survive and thrive.

See the video below of these baby rabbits snuggling up together! They feel safe when they are warm and close together.


Remember HSSA is a safe place for pets in need! These cuties have some growing up to do and won't be made available for adoption quite yet but see all HSSA adoptable pets here or check out a video featuring our longest resident dog and cat below!

HSSA Thrift Store Donations

Your unwanted items can help save lives.

Thrifting in itself is a noble thing to do for the environment — not to mention easy on your wallet! And when you thrift at The Humane Society of Southern Arizona Thrift Store you’re going the extra mile by supporting a nonprofit that’s been helping pets and the people who love them for over 76 years.

This unusual year has had many people spending more time at home than anticipated. Decluttering, deep cleaning, tidying up and rearranging furniture have become efficient ways to pass the time. You can make a difference by donating unwanted items to our thrift store. We always accept high-quality donations to sell in-store and every dollar raised goes to homeless pets in need.

Donations are accepted during regular business hours. To make a donation, follow the signs to the designated donation area where an attendant will be happy to help. HSSA Thrift Store is not able to accept donations that are left outside overnight. For questions regarding donations call 520-327-0010.

HSSA Thrift Store accepts the following items:

  • Furniture
  • Household items
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Collectibles
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • Books
  • Pet items
  • Designer clothes
  • Antiques
  • Sports items
Thrift Shoppers

To maximize your contribution we respectfully ask that all items donated are in good, functional condition. HSSA Thrift Store reserves the right to refuse items that are deemed inappropriate for resale or included on our list of unacceptable items (see below).

  • Non-working appliances
  • Console televisions and stereo cabinets
  • Giant/large television
  • Kitchen/bathroom cabinets
  • Toilets, sinks, vanities
  • Construction materials (lumber, sheet rock, cement, insulation)
  • Outdated computers, dot matrix printers (older than 5 years)
  • Outdated electronics
  • Large microwaves (small and under the counter only)
  • Empty food jars
  • Car seats
  • Flammable items
  • Medical supplies
  • Furniture in need of repair
  • Waterbeds
  • Swing sets
  • Hazardous waste such as paint and varnish
  • Used bed pillows
  • Household cleaners (unless never opened)
  • Household trash and garbage
  • Copy machines
  • Carpeting and padding
  • Opened cosmetics (excluding perfumes)
  • Pianos/organs/spas (unless transported to site)
  • Encyclopedias
  • Scrap iron
  • Tires and tire rims
  • Wall heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Wet or soiled clothing
  • Blinds
  • Recalled items
Thrift 2

Visit HSSA Thrift Store at 5311 E. Speedway Blvd. Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. To see the newest items and current sales, follow HSSA Thrift Store on Instagram at @humanesocietysoazthrift and Facebook at

Meet Darling

You won’t believe her story of healing.

On a hot day in May, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona was called in to assist with a hoarding situation. Forty terriers were found in various states of malnourishment, with matted hair and rotting teeth. Fifteen of the dogs were immediately transferred to HSSA, including the very sweet and docile Darling. Although she appeared to be in the worst shape, Darling was the only one that did not seem completely fearful of people.

At the beginning Darling was very lethargic and spent a lot of time sleeping. Regardless of what she had gone through, all she wanted was a comfy lap to sit in and snuggle.

Most visibly, Darling was suffering from hair loss and her skin had begun to form crusty scabs. Underneath her damaged skin, Darling was suffering from anemia of chronic disease. This occurs when the body has been forced to use excess red blood cells for so long that the bone marrow cannot replace them fast enough. Anemia of chronic disease is typically caused due to malnutrition because of an iron deficiency.

Darling was starving to death.

Darling Before
Darling Before 3

Darling’s eyes were also damaged. One eye had lost all vision and the other was severely compromised allowing limited vision. HSSA’s Shelter Veterinarian, Dr. Overton, elected not to remove the eye without vision because it had already undergone pthisis bulbi. This process causes the eye to shrivel and become a ball of scar tissue preventing Darling from enduring any pain. Darling may have limited vision but she hears really well. When people are close by, Darling’s ears perk up and her tail wags.

Darling was put on a regimen of antibiotics and a healthy diet. Over a two-month period, anemia of chronic disease resolved, her skin cleared and her hair grew back. The transformation was truly amazing to witness.

It is hard to tell if Darling’s condition was caused by neglect or lack of veterinary care. What we do know is that it was an honor to help her. HSSA’s shelter medical staff did a miraculous job transforming Darling and giving her a second chance at a better life.

It was no surprise that shortly after becoming available for adoption Darling found her
forever family.

Darling Recovering

Help HSSA provide for a pet in need by making a donation at

Learn more about dogs like Darling by by visiting or by giving an adoptions counselor a call at 520-327-6088, ext. 173.

Darling After

Darling's Forever Home

“Daisy (previously Darling) has been such a blessing for me. I lost my husband of 59 years last year on the 14th of July and my 15 year old dog six months before that. I thought I was holding up very well, but Daisy has been a Godsent. The doctors say that the best tranquilizer has four paws and fur. They are right. She was very quiet the first week, but has settled in very well. It is now her house in which she allows me to live. She was house trained when I got her, but that is about all. She is now leash trained, and knows several commands. We are working on others. She is a real cuddle bug and has wormed her way into my bed at night. That’s okay, we both sleep better. I am so happy we found one another.” -Carol S.

Daisy 2