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Ways You Can Help

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They need you

Our staff works every day to improve the lives of pets and people who love them, but we can't do it alone. As the oldest and largest nonprofit in southern Arizona dedicated to this cause, we rely on the generosity of our community.

That generosity can be through a donation of funds to help us continue services, but it can also be a donation of time. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, helping with everything from filing to walking dogs, from cleaning cages to serving on committees and boards.

You can also help by visiting one of our PAWSH stores or our Thrift Store, where tax-free shopping turns into much-needed revenue for our organization. Or, attend one of the dozens of events throughout the year that benefit the pets in our care.

We appreciate everything you do to help the HSSA. The pets appreciate it, too.

Ways to help

Host an event
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Attend an event
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