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How to License Your Pet

Licensing is the law

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona urges you to follow the law where you live and license your pet accordingly. Please locate your place of residence below and follow the procedures required by your licensing agency.

Pima County dog owners are required by law to vaccinate and license their pets.

Licensing is required for every dog three months of age or older that resides within Pima County. The animal must have proof of current rabies vaccination in order to obtain a license. For first-time license applications, there are several options. Visit the Pima County website and complete the license application online at https://pimacounty.docupet.com/en_US/.

Alternatively, you can submit a completed license application via fax at (520) 791-6627, or the application can delivered in person, or be mailed to:

Pima Animal Care Center
4000 Silverbell Rd
Tucson, AZ 85745

Visit Pet Licensing - Pima County for more information on licensing.

Dog with white fur running on grass at HSSA

Bring them home Microchip your pet!

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona urges pet owners to microchip their pet. While you are getting your pet's license, it is a wise idea to get your pet microchipped, too! HSSA offers affordable microchipping at our clinic.