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Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Make a gift in honor of a loved one

Memorials are a meaningful way to recognize the loss of a loved one, whether it be a person or pet, and to have your condolence message shared with the surviving family. Memorials are also listed, as space allows, in our Humanely Speaking magazine.

Tribute gifts are a great idea for birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and anniversaries, quinceaneras, retirements, and any other time a celebration gift is called for.

Create a lasting memory

Remember your pet’s adoption day, your Grandmother’s love for animals, your company’s vow to help the local community, or the pet that changes your life forever by purchasing a memorial tribute at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s (HSSA) Main Campus at 635 W. Roger Rd.

Butterfly Tiles
Green Butterfly

Butterfly Tiles are located on the Butterfly Memorial/Tribute Wall in HSSA’s grassy courtyard. Size: 9 inches by 5 inches

Engraved Pavers

Engraved Pavers are located in the walkway connecting HSSA’s cat and dog adoption buildings.

Butterfly Tree Tiles
Purple Butterfly

Memorial Butterfly Tree Tiles are located outside of HSSA’s Admissions on a metal art tree. Size: 4 inches by 1.75 inches

Memorials and tributes are tax-deductible gifts; we'll only disclose the amount donated on your tax receipt, never to the person receiving the card.