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Foster Care

Helping our most vulnerable pets

From the tiniest puppies and kittens to recuperating seniors, there are always pets at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in need of a little extra help.

The HSSA’s Foster Care Program provides care for animals not yet ready for adoption. Volunteers care for animals in their own homes, providing animals that are underweight, underage, sick or injured the time they need to grow or heal. Our foster parents saves thousands of lives each year and there is always a need for foster parents.

To learn more about becoming a Foster please call (520) 327-6088 ex. 148.

HSSA Foster Care Logo

We need foster care providers

Whether it’s a litter of puppies or a shy, frightened kitten, we depend on our foster families to cultivate healthy and confident animals who are ready to find their forever home.

Foster Care Requirements

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 and have completed HSSA Volunteer orientation to be the primary foster volunteer.

  • You must have reliable transportation to bring the animal(s) to and from HSSA Foster Care.

  • Children younger than 18 may foster along with a parent or guardian.

  • Keep necessary veterinarian examinations and vaccination appointments.

  • Love caring for pets in need!

Current Fosters

Fosters have access to a wide range of resources. If you are a current Foster, you can view these resources by clicking the button below.

Foster Care Kit Sponsor

Our wonderful friends at BRAKEmax, The Maids of Tucson, and Reed's Compounding Pharmacy have sponsored HSSA Foster Care Kits that provide necessary items and supplies to our dedicated foster volunteers. Thank you to our generous sponsor! 


To learn more about sponsorship opportunities please call (520) 327-6088 ext. 177.

The Maids of Tucson
adorable kitten looking over the shoulder of a volunteer

Ready to become a foster?

Great! To begin the process of becoming a foster for homeless pets in need, fill out an HSSA volunteer application.

Where is the Foster Care office?

The HSSA Foster Care office is located in the green Admissions Building. Look for the Foster Care entrance.