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Our Three Pillars

Success is built on a strong foundation

As with any successful organization, the Humane Society of Southern Arizona does not go blindly into our operations. We have a very specific set of guiding principles that ensure everything we do meets our mission of compassionately serving pets and the people who love them.

Our Organization is Built on Three Pillars

  • Shelter and Placement
  • Prevention
  • Education and Outreach

We are committed to ensuring that each pet entering our facility gets the best care possible while we find them a new, loving, forever home. To meet that commitment, we have a number of programs and services in place to help our pets.

We are dedicated to minimizing the numbers of unwanted pets, sick and injured pets, and homeless pets. As much as we love the pets we care for, our ultimate goal is a community where there are no homeless, unwanted, or neglected pets. In order for this to happen, we need to prevent unwanted litters, create a healthy environment for our pets, and share the importance of humane treatment of animals.

In working towards this goal, we will provide affordable and/or free spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinations so people in our community can afford to keep their pets healthy and safe, as well as be active participants in the efforts to end pet overpopulation. Additionally, we will provide a variety of pet and owner-related community services:

We will educate youth and adults in our community about proper animal care and ownership, ensure pet owners have resources to help them correct unwanted behaviors and mitigate housing concerns, and teach and encourage the public to recognize and report neglect and cruelty. We will foster the human/animal bond through our pet visitation programs. Each of these actions will help create a culture of caring in our community.

Animal welfare is not simply a Humane Society of Southern Arizona issue. It is a community issue.