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Our Advocacy For Animals

We are a voice for the voiceless

Animals don’t have a voice, but they rely on us for so much. That includes keeping them safe. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is a founding member of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona, and we have always taken a leadership role in combating violence toward animals.


Legislative Initiatives

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has supported laws that protect the rights and welfare of animals in Pima County and across the state. We are proud to be at the forefront of promoting the passage of these legislative initiatives.

In a wonderful victory for pet families and ranchers all over Arizona, the State Senate yesterday afternoon approved SB1271 by a vote of 27-2. It now moves to the State House of Representatives for a committee hearing and, if it passes, to await inclusion in the budget.

This bill, sponsored by Senator TJ Shope (R-Coolidge), was originated by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in partnership with the Arizona Humane Society. It promises to address the severe shortage of veterinarians in our state by paying up to $100,000 per vet to lower their outstanding student debt if they work full time in Arizona for four years — with at least two of those years in a nonprofit, municipal, or county shelter, or in an agricultural practice in a rural area.

Special thanks to all the senators who supported this bill which will save thousands of pet lives for years to come by attracting 50 new veterinarians or more each year to Arizona. To follow the progress of this bill please click here:

Humane Society vet bill one pager SB1271