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Our Advocacy For Animals

We are a voice for the voiceless

Animals don’t have a voice, but they rely on us for so much. That includes keeping them safe. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is a founding member of the Animal Cruelty Taskforce of Southern Arizona, and we have always taken a leadership role in combating violence toward animals.


Legislative Initiatives

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has supported laws that protect the rights and welfare of animals in Pima County and across the state. We are proud to be at the forefront of promoting the passage of these legislative initiatives.

The Arizona House of Representatives just passed HB2671 (42 yays – 18 nays) and has been signed into law by the Governor.

This victory means that animal abusers will face stronger penalties in the worst cases of abuse – the ones where abusers intentionally and knowingly inflict cruel mistreatment. It means that bad people will be held accountable for their heinous acts and justice will be served. It means the punishment will finally fit the crime. It means that your voice mattered. This victory is a direct reflection of your advocacy. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona has advocated for the last four years to pass this bill. Having HB2671 pass is a major milestone for animal rights in the state of Arizona.

This new law will make a real difference in our community. Every day, our shelter clinic see horrific cases of cruelty and neglect. The Animal Cruelty Taskforce investigates hundreds of cases of animal neglect and abuse each year. Previous laws made it impossible to secure harsh penalties for all but a few of the most horrific cases. The vast majority of animal abusers received an embarrassingly inadequate charge, often pleading to a misdemeanor without jail time or probation. Until now, that is.

We thank Representative Kavanagh who served as the bill sponsor and champion, Pima County Attorney Jonathan Moser for his leadership and our Humane Legislative and animal welfare partners who rallied with us.

Our vision is a community in which all pets are cared for and loved. To realize that vision, we are involved at the local, state, and national levels, with staff representatives on animal welfare committees including:  

  • Phoenix Area Animal Cruelty Task Force (APACT)
  • Humane Link Arizona
  • Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE)
  • Arizona Veterinary Medical Association (AZVMA)
  • International Veterinary Forensics Sciences Association (IVFSA)
  • Southern Arizona Volunteer Management Association