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Giving back will never be cancelled.

This has been a tough year for everyone. But while we were stressed our pets were mostly unaware of the pandemic and largely unaffected by the election. Our pets were our very BEST FRIENDS when we were asked not to stay home to stay safe. We owe a lot to our pets and we ask you to join us on Giving Tuesday, December 1st as we raise $60,000 and vow to save the lives of hundreds of pets in need in the upcoming year.

The need is great and there has never been a better time to make your gift of any amount to HSSA. See pets you'll be helping when you GIVE NOW below.

Goliath was a paralyzed puppy

Goliath is only 4 months old but came to us completely paralyzed. After diagnosing him our shelter Veterinarian found that a piece of fibrous cartilage obstructed the blood supply to his spinal cord. Thanks to the dedicated care of our shelter medical Goliath has been able to heal and get much of his strength back thanks to the calm and safe space at our shelter. We expect he will make a full recovery and be adoptable sometime in the next year. Your donations help us care for Goliath and his friends in their time of need.

9 week old Bitty's degloving surgery

Bitty was only 9 weeks only when she was carried through our doors with a degloving injury to her jaw. Unfortunately, this is a common injury in cats and often comes from car accidents, or other traumatic injuries like animal attacks or being stepped on. Our Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Overton performs numerous degloving repair surgeries to young cats each year. Your donations given today allow Dr. Overton and her medical team to provide top level care in a moment’s notice to pets like Bitty.

Winnie and her pups are safe and sound

Winnie was transferred to HSSA from a neighboring shelter just two days before giving birth to three beautiful, chubby puppies. She was in need of a calm and safe space to give birth and HSSA provided that to her. She was then transferred to a loving and warm HSSA foster care family who have been supporting her as she nourishes her sweet pups. HSSA is only able to support mother dogs through their time of need thanks to donors like you.

Yuka has no sight but sure has heart

7 year old Yuka was brought in for euthanasia but HSSA’s medical team decided there was another option for her. She was suffering from bilateral uveitis that was caused by untreated Valley Fever. She had progressed to glaucoma and was in severe pain. HSSA removed both of her eyes and put her on a path towards healing. Yuka will now live the second half of her life free of pain and was quite literally given a second chance thanks to your donations.

HSSA keeps brothers together

Ruckus and Cletus are a very special bonded pair. "Bonded" means we are looking for a home where these two can stay together. And as soon as you meet them, you'll understand why!

Ruckus (left) is 9 years old and blind. His best bud, Cletus is 6 years old and does the seeing for him. HSSA volunteers have observed that Cletus often acts as a "seeing eye dog" for Ruckus. These brothers are laid back and mellow, and so very sweet.

HSSA will care for these brothers until the perfect family shows up at our doors. We can only provide this promise to them thanks to your donations.

Milo was found motionless under a tree and brought to HSSA


We quickly found that Milo was suffering from one of the most severe cases of Valley Fever that our staff has ever seen. This fungal disease has run rampant in his body without treatment for likely the entirety of his life. Because of this he is suffering from cachexia or “wasting syndrome”. Symptoms of wasting syndrome include extreme weight loss, muscle loss, a lack of appetite, fatigue, and decreased strength. Our team started him on Flucanazole, pain medications and other medications and treatments to treat his anemia, Valley Fever and overall disintegration.

There were many moments that we weren’t sure if Milo was up to this course of care. How could his tiny, frail body handle these medications? Eating was even hard for him at first. But day by day Milo improved. Milo looked a little brighter. Milo moved his paws out toward staff as if reaching for his future. And we’re happy to announce that his life was saved. Milo is still in our Second Chance Medical Unit and still receiving life-saving care thanks to donors like you. Milo has slowly begun to walk again and his tail wags when he sees his favorite vet techs. He was given a chance to live a long and healthy life thanks to the support of our family of donors.

Phoebe is on the mend thanks to you

Five month old Phoebe was surrendered to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by her owners after sustaining a life-threatening dog attack. Her kitten arm was pulled under a closed door by a dog in the home. She was in serious pain with large wounds across her arm and shoulder. HSSA was able to take Phoebe in without a question thanks to the monies raised over the past year in our Second Chance Medical Fund.

Phoebe was a star patient for our team and she didn’t seem to skip a beat after the accident. Phoebe purrs and rubs up against visitors when they stop by the Second Chance Medical Unit. She will finish up her healing in the warm and calm home of one of HSSA’s amazing Foster Care families. We know Phoebe will make a full recovery and make her forever family very happy when that great day comes. Make your gift not to ensure every cat like Phoebe gets the medical care they deserve!

Elvis receives water treadmill therapy to regain his strength

Elvis came to us in crippling pain. We found that he had valley fever with spinal lesions. This made any and all movement incredibly painful for him. Thanks to donors like you we were able to carefully diagnosis him and begin the course of care for this loving dog. He is healing now on courses of anti-fungal medications, muscle relaxers and steroids. He also is given water treadmill therapy to regain his strength.

These treatments are only possible thanks to the donations HSSA receives. HSSA does not receive any government funding and is not associated with any national organizations. That means we ONLY do what we do thanks to donors like you in Southern Arizona. Give now.

Lilly's diabetes almost took her life

Lilly came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona when her owners were not able to care for her. She was extremely malnourished and our shelter veterinarian Dr. Santana Overton said she looked like a skeleton and needed immediate help. After months in HSSA's Second Chance Medical Unit her insulin dependent diabetes is finally under control and she is gaining weight again. This 5 year old dog quickly won over our hearts and without your help we wouldn't have the tools to provide her with extensive diagnostics, medications and therapies. Because of your donations she is ALIVE. Give now. 

HSSA helps over 5,000 pets each year. Here are a few more pets that your donation will support in the year to come: