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Super Bowl Puppy Snacks

Celebrate the big game day with your favorite canines

Whether you're a Patriots fan or you back the Rams all the way, you are sure to be watching on Sunday, February 3rd. Check out these pet friendly treats you can serve up on game day.

-Football cookies for dogs

-Game Day Biscuits

-Peanut Butter Dog Treats (No cooking required!)

Remember kick off is at 6:30pm ET so you'll want to start on these snacks early and make sure everyone is ready to sit, stay, watch!

P.S. You may want to pay close attention to the super bowl commercials...

Keep your eyes peeled for our new Super Bowl commercial featuring foster care animals, our Paws and Pages Literacy program and more!

If you miss the commercial don't worry, we'll be posting it to our Facebook page later this week!

FAST Highlight: Princess 867288

Foster Adoptions of the Streets of Tucson (FAST): Meet Princess

Foster Adoptions on the Streets of Tucson is an exciting program to help get our animals into their forever homes faster and with a lower return rate. Volunteers can take a dog out to dog friendly places for the day, weekend, week or until the dog is adopted; whatever works best for the Volunteer!

One of our loyal volunteers graciously took Princess out for a wonderful day of fresh air, car rides and belly rubs. Our volunteer noted about the experience in hopes of helping Princess find her forever home.

"Princess and I hiked 3 miles and jogged together for another ½ mile. She was happy, relaxed and seemed to be really enjoying both experiences.

Princess was well behaved inside and outside of my home. She was ready and willing to take a nap after her work out but I was pressed for time today so no nap time for either of us!

This means she became comfortable with my home and should adjust to a new home in a reasonable amount of time."

To learn more about Princess contact HSSA's Main Campus at (520) 327-6088, ext. 173.

If our volunteer had run into the perfect adopter while out with Princess he would have arranged to meet the adopter at the Main Campus or one of the PAWSH stores with the dog to complete the adoption. Volunteers may also learn to do the adoptions themselves on the spot! Learn more about becoming a FAST volunteer.

Could you be my forever friend? Adopt Princess

Learn more about this athletic and joyful dog by contacting our Main Campus adoptions lobby at (520) 327-6088, ext. 173.

Pet photography tips

Say cheese...

Tips for taking the best photos of your forever friends.

  1. Sit boy. Your dog will always look better in a photo if they are sitting still. Master this trick with these tips and proceed to step two.
  2. Tempt with delicious treats! After photographing hundreds of shelter pets we can tell you that almost all dogs will take pause when a treat is involved. We found that most dogs prefer smelly, jerky-like treats over biscuits.
  3. Lighting is KEY! Taking photos indoors is always going to be trickier than using natural, outdoor light. Try to take photos of your pet away from harsh shadows. The “golden hours” around dusk and dawn have proven best for us! Want a portrait of your forever friend but don’t trust your skills? Join us at Cover Dog 2019 and we will take one for you! Learn more here.

Rats enter retirement

Humane education ambassadors retire to forever homes

Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, and Lucy have served the Humane Society of Southern Arizona Education department for the past two years.

They have joined our Education staff in school visits, Summer Camps and Birthday Pawties. These rats helped children learn about gentle animal handling, pet overpopulation and that even the smallest beings deserve respect and care.

We thank these rats for their contribution to our Education department and we look forward to follow up photos from their new, forever families!

Will my old dog get along with a new dog?

"We are thinking of adopting but will my older dog (9 years old) get along with a new, younger dog?"

We understand that pets are family and we appreciate the thought you are putting into adopting a second dog. It is a big decision to make. And it is a good idea to think about how it will impact the pets you have already promised to care for.

  • Does your dog enjoy other dogs when he meets them in the park?
  • Does your dog have the energy to be playful and exercise?
  • Does your dog have a history of food aggression or territorial behavior?


We recommend a dog meet and greet for dog adoptions when adopting from our shelter. Look for signs in your dog's behavior while they interact with other dogs. You know your dog best and you'll know what is tolerable or not for your family.

Also be sure to think about the responsibilities that come with adding a new furry friend to the family. This pet will need food, medical care and attention.

Are you a good candidate for adopting? Learn more here!