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HSSA’s Shelter Medical Heroes

The heroes behind the amazing stories that result from the Second Chance Medical Fund.

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

ONE OF THE amazing aspects of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona are the quality of people who work and volunteer within the organization. From our Adoptions staff who celebrate every time a homeless pet finds a forever home, to the volunteers who walk every dog and play with every cat, there are a lot of things happening all the time at HSSA. Even among the extraordinary things that go on every day, the work that is performed by HSSA’s shelter medical team is truly remarkable.

Medical cases entering the shelter fall under the care of Shelter Veterinarian Dr. Santana Overton and her team. Together, they treat and save the lives of hundreds of homeless pets every year. From the simplest exam to critical medical crises, HSSA’s medical team treats every patient with genuine care and devotion.

On any given day, HSSA’s shelter medical staff have a busy schedule. From checking on each patient in recovery, to prepping for every procedure on the medical board, shelter veterinarian Dr. Overton and her team dedicate themselves to every pet that enters the shelter and requires medical care. It can be grueling, thankless, and sometimes emotionally heartfelt work.

Dr. Overton and her team of JarieAnna, Stefanie F., Stephannie M. and Stephanie C. (ed note: Yes, HSSA’s shelter medical team has three ‘Stephanies’!) are the heroes behind the amazing stories that result from the Second Chance Medical Fund. These patients who need medical treatment above that which would normally be available are why the Second Chance Fund is so important. It provides the financial support that these cases require while the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s medical team supplies the expertise, love, and care that turn these difficult medical cases into victories.

Elmer and Fudd Before and After Photos:
Boxer Puppies Before
Boxer Puppies After
Hammerhead Before and After Photos:
Hammerhead After
Hammerhead Before
Bugsy Before and After Photos:
Bugsy Before
Bugsy 891607 After
Suede Before and After Photo:
Suede Before
Suede After