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Through collaborative efforts, HSSA and other Arizona shelters help give Mazatlan shelter pets a second chance at life.

Monday, May 17th, 2021

On the afternoon of Friday, May 14th, over 60 shelter pets, 59 dogs and 6 cats, from Mazatlan Animal Rescue (MAR) arrived at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) after an over 13 hour drive from Mazatlan, Mexico to begin their new journey in finding their forever home. HSSA's Admissions team carefully escorted the dogs from the transport bus and promptly performed health exams on the traveled pets. They were then given any needed vaccinations and microchips before being led to their safe and calm kennels.

Through an amazing collaborative effort between MAR and several Arizona shelters, these dogs and cats now have a second chance at life. Alongside HSSA, Tucson Rescue Now (TRN), Arizona Humane Society (AHS), Pet Knot, and Never Forgotten, provided MAR with the space they needed to transport these deserving animals from their shelter in Sinaloa, MX to Arizona. 

Among the over 60 animals, HSSA took in 35 dogs, TRN took in 5 of the more elderly and medically dependent dogs, AHS took in the 6 cats, and the remaining dogs were taken in by Never Forgotten and Pet Knot. 

This was an incredible team effort by all of the shelters involved, and HSSA is proud to be among them. Collaboration is the key to making a real difference in the lives of shelter pets and pets in need in our communities, and HSSA is dedicated to continuing this work with fellow animal shelters, whether they are our direct neighbors or across a border line.