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A life-changing and life-saving opportunity for the pets of Cochise County

Monday, May 24th, 2021

Tuesday, May 18, Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA) CEO, Steve Farley, traveled to Bisbee, AZ to present a proposal of a $2 million project that will transform what was previously a juvenile detention center into a cutting-edge veterinary clinic and animal shelter with 20 dog kennels and 30 cat kennels. The proposal was a preliminary step in what will hopefully become a valuable partnership between HSSA and Cochise County. 

Working with diminutive funding and space, the animal care shelters of Cochise County have long been attempting to save as many pets as they can in cramped, small spaces; inadequate for the sheer number of pets they serve. With a yearly intake of over 1,000 animals, this lack of space and resources has forced these shelters to implement very high euthanasia rates, but the prospect of a county partnership with HSSA offers a new hope for the large community of supporters and animal care workers within the county. If brought to life, this endeavor is slated with the potential to save 10,000 animals from euthanasia in its first five years of operation. 

Project coordinators are optimistic funding will come through the state and county levels, and there is also an effort to seek funding on a federal level. There is hope for support in these avenues, however, in the event that these options fail to gain traction, Farley is still confident in the donor base and volunteer program HSSA has cultivated to help push the project forward. 

Through this partnership, HSSA is hoping to honor its mission and name by authentically becoming the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. “By expanding comprehensive animal services to southern Arizona beyond Tucson, HSSA saves hundreds of lives each year while living up to its name in every way,” said Farley. This is a monumental movement for homeless and at-risk pets in Southern Arizona, and Farley is hopeful the idea will become an inspiration and guide to those in similar situations across the country stating that, “this could be a model template for other rural areas of the country.” 

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