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Arizona Gives Day 2021

You make the important live-saving work of the Second Chance Medical fund possible.

Your donation for Arizona Gives Day this year not only helps homeless pets in medical crisis through our Second Chance Medical fund, it help us fund increased demand for our services to low-income families, including our low-cost and free clinic services (spay/neuter, wellness, vaccinations, dog dentals) and our monthly pet food distribution programs that helps keeps pets in their loving forever homes.

These pets were helped with your donations. Hear their stories.

Maggie was covered in fly larvae.

Maggie was left in a box outside of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona with no information. When she arrived, she was dirty and her fur was severely matted. She was whisked off to our medical team who began carefully shaving her, only to discover that Maggie had fly larvae covering her tiny body.

Maggie needs medicine, time, and love before she begins to recover. We are only able to save pets like Maggie because of donations from supporters like you.

Please consider making a donation for Maggie for Arizona Gives Day 2021: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

Mo was attacked.

In January 2021, Mo was brought to HSSA in very rough shape. He had previously been adopted in 2013 as a puppy, and now was back after being brutally attacked by the 8 other dogs in his home.

With wounds covering his body, Mo was uncomfortable and in pain. He was shut down and depressed, not being able to comprehend his situation.

As we began nursing Mo to recovery, his personality began to come out. Mo is headstrong, independent and SO loving. He also loves to shake everyone's hand, and has won over the hearts of staff and volunteers here at HSSA.

Your donation for Arizona Gives Day helps pets like Mo receive the care and treatment they need to survive and thrive. Make your gift today: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

Abracadabra needs nebulizing.

Abracadabra is just a puppy, but he has Valley Fever with secondary pneumonia which requires medication and nebulizing treatments to cure.

Treatments like these for pets like Abracadabra are made possible because of donors like you.

Make your gift today for Arizona Gives Day: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

Valentina and her babies.

When Valentina's owners brought her to HSSA she was not in great shape. They knew she was sick and were unable to provide the care she needed, so they brought her to us. Valentina has Calicivirus, which causes her to suffer from upper respiratory problems and oral ulcers. She was uncomfortable, in pain... and pregnant.


On Valentine's Day, just a few days after arriving at HSSA, Valentina gave birth to 4 healthy kittens. We named them Cupid, Romeo, Gumdrop, and Candy. Now this little family of 5 is resting comfortably in foster care, where Valentina can raise her kittens and recover from her Calicivirus symptoms.


Your donation for Arizona Gives Day 2021 helps pets like Valentina and her babies. www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


Chemotherapy for Blynken.

Blynken arrived at HSSA with only one eye, and not much vision left in the remaining one. We soon realized he was suffering from Tick Fever and began to treat it. But that wasn't all, Blynken had developed a form of cancer and now needs chemotherapy for treatment.


Your donations help us pay for expensive treatments like Blynken's chemotherapy. Help us save Blynken and pets like him by making a donation for Arizona Gives Day 2021: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


Charlotte was in a fire.

We don't know how Charlotte was burned, but we do know she's very lucky to have gotten out alive and to have found her way to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Charlotte was picked up as a stray and brought to us by a good Samaritan who knew we could help her.


We've been treating Charlotte's burns for a few months now, and she has been nothing bu the perfect patient. Despite being in obvious pain, Charlotte is a non-stop purrer. She thrives off of attention and loves any and all affection and interaction. We don't know her history, but we know her future is bright.


We are only able to save pets like Charlotte because of donations from supporters like you. Make a gift today for Arizona Gives Day at: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


Lilly was suffering.

Lilly was brought to HSSA because her owners could not manage her diabetes properly. Because she wasn't receiving the insulin she needed to live, she was malnourished and lethargic. She was on death's door and only the HSSA medical team could save her.

After months and months of treatment, Lilly is thriving. What was once a frail, almost lifeless dog, is now a fluffy, energetic puppy at heart. Lilly shocked us all with her transformation. She's not yet available for adoption, but in time, she will be able to go to her forever home.

Your donations help us pay for Lilly's lifesaving insulin. Make your gift today and help other pets like Lilly: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

Mallory's mangled leg.

When Mallory arrived at HSSA, her leg was mangled and barely still attached to her body. We don't know exactly how it got to that point, but HSSA's medical team successfully amputated the leg so that Mallory could survive.


Emergency surgeries like Mallory's are only made possible because of donations from generous supporters like you. Make a gift for Arizona Gives Day now: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


Susie Q's medical needs.

Susie Q was brought to us as a stray. She was found roaming the streets, and was visible in bad shape. Upon her arrival at HSSA, she was diagnosed with generalized mange, tick fever, and valley fever. She also had a very large open wound on her backside, although we do not know where it came from.


Susie Q needs lots of medicine, time, and love before she is well enough to be cleared for adoption. Our medical staff is only able to provide this level of care for pets like Susie Q because of donors like you.

Make a gift today for Arizona Gives Day: www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE