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Lost & Found Pets

Whether you've found a pet or lost a pet, you need to act immediately!

Please email a photo of the pet to lostandfound@hssaz.org


The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is dedicated to keeping owned pets with their families. Our dedicated Lost & Found department works everyday to reunite these lost pets with their rightful owners. If you have lost or found a pet, follow the information on this page! It is crucial to act as quickly as possible.

If you have lost or found a pet, follow the instructions on this page. We have a full-time Lost & Found team member that works to reunite pets and their owners.

Lost & Found Department
520-327-6088, ext. 111

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If you've lost or found a pet...

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File an online report or call us at 520-327-6088, ext. 111.
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Check HSSA Lost and Found Pet Reports and view stray pets currently at HSSA.
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Check Facebook, Craigslist, Pawboost, Petco Love Lost,  Shadow, and Nextdoor lost and found pages and posts.
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HSSA lost and found reports will be updated daily and will be featured for 7 days in this report.

Pima Animal Care Center

Another resource for lost and found pets is the Pima County Animal Care. The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is not affiliated with Pima County Animal Care, though both organizations work to reunite pet owners with lost pets. Be sure to check the links below as well as contacting HSSA.

We encourage you to call or file a report online. Make sure your report includes a full description of the missing or found pet.  We keep these reports in our database until the pet is reported as reunited with its owner. There is no charge for our lost and found reporting service.

You can download a Lost Dog or Lost Cat flier to post your neighborhood. Fill out the PDF on your computer (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), including adding a photo, and print out what you need to post. You can also download and print out the flier to fill in manually.


Lost Dog Flier »    Found Dog Flier »

Lost Cat Flier »    Found Cat Flier »


  • Call Pima Animal Care Center at 520-724-7222, and visit the shelter in person at 4000 N. Silverbell Road to view all incoming animals. Frequent, personal visits are important; do not rely on phone information alone!
  • You may make a personal search of our shelter at 635 W. Roger Road.  This service is available by appointment.
  • Immediately talk to neighbors and post notices throughout the neighborhood and at all major intersections near where the pet was lost/found.
  • Place a Lost Pet ad on Craigslist's Lost and Found Pets section.
  • Post on Facebook. There are many pages on Facebook to post lost and found pets. “Lost and Found Dogs and Cats in Tucson, AZ”, “Tucson Lost and Found Animals”, and “Lost and Found Pets of Pima County” are some recommended pages.
  • Make lost or found posts on PawBoost.com and Nextdoor.com
  • If your pet is microchipped, notify the company with which the chip is registered, and be sure your information is up to date. Please have found pets scanned for a microchip at any veterinary office, shelter, or major pet store.


If your pet has been brought to us as a stray, please see our reclaiming fees.

There is a $60 animal care fee to surrender a found pet to HSSA.  If you have found a pet and cannot keep it until the owner is found, click here for more information.

HSSA reunites hundred of pets with their loving owners each year. Make a donation to help us continue this important work by clicking here.

Found a litter of kittens?

Each Spring, local animals shelters are filled to capacity with litters of kittens who have been brought to the shelter because the person who found them did not see the mother cat and believed the kittens were in need of being rescued. It is in our nature to want to help and protect these small and defenseless animals and without their mother, the thought that these kittens are in danger compels many people to scoop them up and bring the kittens to their local animal shelter.

In fact, most of time, these kittens DO NOT need rescuing. Click the button below to learn more about keeping your mittens off those kittens!

Pet Detectives

The HSSA Lost and Found Department relies on our volunteer staff to assist in finding matches between lost pet posts and messages online with the pets that are brought to HSSA. This vital work helps many families find their lost pets. If you would like to learn more about becoming a Pet Detective, click here.

Where is the Lost and Found office?

If you need to visit the Lost and Found office, go to the green Admissions building.

Location Map - Main Campus Locations - Admissions