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Colorado River Toad Avoidance Training

Deadly toads in our backyards

The Humane Society of Southern Arizona provides valuable and potentially life-saving Colorado River Toad avoidance training classes in July and August. Each Colorado River Toad avoidance training class gives dogs the necessary training to help prevent an expensive and potentially deadly exposure to Colorado River Toads.

Class fees and info:

Tuition is $105 for the first dog, which includes one follow-up session (if necessary). If registering a second dog the fee is $85. Each dog must be accompanied by a separate handler.

When purchasing tickets online, one ticket is required for each dog enrolled in the class. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age and in good health; proof of current vaccinations must be provided to participate. There must be at least one handler per dog and retractable leashes are not allowed.

Classes are conducted by local professionals from Arizona Animal Experts, Inc.

Tickets are set up in hour intervals with each separate dog training lasting 15 minutes. There may be some waiting involved while each dog’s training is completed.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Gary at or (520) 321-3704, Ext. 125.

Sign up now for this valuable and potentially life-saving class which will teach your dog to stay away from these large and dangerous toads.

Class Schedule Closed for the season

Toad Avoidance Training will resume in the Summer 2020. Check back in February for future dates.

Interested in taking this class?

Contact Stephanie Gary at 502-327-6088 ext. 125 to learn more.

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