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Humane Amigos Camp

Spend your school break with pets

The Humane Amigos Camps will give your child a new perspective on caring for animals, preventing animal cruelty, understanding animal behavior, and more. We use a variety of activities that stress an appreciation for our environment and preservation of our natural world: classroom activities, creative and artistic exercises, hands-on animal care, great games, and character-building lessons.

Kids and pets get together during Humane Amigos Camps. Campers spend a minimum of 2 hours daily caring for different camp foster animals. These animals may include ball pythons, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, cats, and dogs. Humane Amigos Camps provides children with an in-depth, hands-on education about animal care and the human-animal bond.

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Who should come to camp?

The Humane Society’s Humane Amigos Camps are each designed for specific age groups who are interested in the following topics:

  • Animals

  • Animal welfare

  • Improving the lives of animals

  • Animal care and animal careers

  • Responsible pet ownership

  • Wildlife education

  • Preserving our planet and natural world

Camp Details:

Humane Amigos Camps takes place in the Education Center of the Humane Society Southern Arizona, located at 635 West Roger Road, just West of Oracle Road.

The Education Center has air conditioned classroom areas, landscaped grassy yards for animal-related activities, and other excellent facilities. Included in the registration cost are an HSSA name badge, camp tee shirt, prizes, keepsakes, educational information, and a free recognition party.

Covid-19 Cleaning Policy:

While the HSSA’s Humane Amigos camp has existing strict cleaning and safety policies in place due to the nature of animal sheltering and the potential zoonotic disease exposure (diseases easily transmitted from domesticated or wild animals to humans), during the age of COVID-19 we are taking the following additional steps to keep our campers, interns and staff safe and healthy throughout the camp season.

Download the HSSA Humane Amigos Covid-19 Cleaning Policy by clicking the button below.


Humane Amigos Camp Registration

Upcoming Camps:

Humane Amigos Summer Break Camp:


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Scholarships and financial assistance available for all youth programs.

For questions about scholarships please inquire by emailing

Thank you for your interest in HSSA's Humane Amigos Camps!

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Where are the HSSA Classrooms?

If you are visiting HSSA's Education Department, you will want to go to the coral Education building.

Location Map - Main Campus Locations - Education