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Hand in Paw Kid's Club

Get HIP. Join the Hand in Paw Kids Club!

The Hand in Paw Kids Club is for children ages 6-11, who love animals and want to create a better future for animals. The club is a great opportunity for children to learn about proper animal care, safe handling, respect for wild animals as well as pets. The club promotes kindness, compassion and empathy for all animals and living beings.





Kids events run during the school year and are held monthly. Families can sign up for any event that sparks interest in their child. Events are either free or at a discounted fee for HIP members. Additionally, during the summer, HIP members will receive discount for our numerous summer camps. Most events are held during the weekends or on Friday evenings.

2020 HIP Logo

Once signed up, each child will receive:

  • New Member packet and name badge

  • Biyearly calendar of events mailing

  • Email updates to stay informed on
    upcoming HIP events and opportunities

  • Discounts on all summer camps

  • Discounts on Birthday Paw-ties

  • Free members-only events and
    discounts to many other kids events

  • Private Facebook group

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Behind-the-scenes shelter tours

  • Movie and a Cuddle

  • Events about helping and caring for animals

  • and much more!

  • Most programs include hands-on animal interactions!

Movie and a Cuddle

Hey kids! Grab your pillow, put on your jammies and cozy up to a Pet VIP Therapy and Visitation Dogs during HSSA’s Movie and a Cuddle!

Enjoy a kid-friendly movie while we serve up the pizza, plus we’ll have a craft and animal related game. Parents this is your opportunity for a date night, dinner with friends, or just getting some much needed R&R.

Movie and a Cuddle costs $35 per child aged 6-11 -or- $25 for Hand-in-Paw Kids Club Members.

Reservations must be made no later than two days before the event date.

For more information or questions, please contact Amy Faulk at or call (520) 327-6088 ext. 171.

Check out our upcoming HIP events

  • Movie & a Cuddle with Bedtime Stories from 5pm - 9pm on May 1st REGISTER!

Joining is Easy! Sign Up Now

Members are enrolled for one year from the date of payment. You will receive a membership packet from our Education Department upon first-time membership purchase.

For more information about Hand in Paw Kids Club memberships, contact Amy Faulk at 520-321-3704 ext. 171, or


You must complete and return the liability waiver before your child attends this event. A separate waiver is required for each child in attendance; they will be kept on file for one calendar year. Thank you for your cooperation!