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Pet Safety and First Aid

Be prepared for an emergency

This class, developed by the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, is more than just a program on how to conduct CPR or treat medical emergencies for cats and dogs.

Participants will learn what is normal for their pet; how to assist their vet in treating their pet; keep animals safe from local environmental hazards; avoid poisonous plants and household dangers; and identify and react to cruelty and neglect issues. And most importantly, lots of prevention!


Classes are held in-person at the main HSSA campus. Additional detail will be provided to registered participants.

The class fee of $75 includes:

  • Pet Safety and First Aid manual
  • Hands-on skills training with animal mannequins
  • Video instruction
  • Lessons provided by an Education team member.
  • A certificate of completion.

The four-hour course is open to individuals age 15 and up.


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Contact or call 520-327-6088, ext. 138 to learn more.

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