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Will my old dog get along with a new dog?

"We are thinking of adopting but will my older dog (9 years old) get along with a new, younger dog?"

We understand that pets are family and we appreciate the thought you are putting into adopting a second dog. It is a big decision to make. And it is a good idea to think about how it will impact the pets you have already promised to care for.

  • Does your dog enjoy other dogs when he meets them in the park?
  • Does your dog have the energy to be playful and exercise?
  • Does your dog have a history of food aggression or territorial behavior?


We recommend a dog meet and greet for dog adoptions when adopting from our shelter. Look for signs in your dog's behavior while they interact with other dogs. You know your dog best and you'll know what is tolerable or not for your family.

Also be sure to think about the responsibilities that come with adding a new furry friend to the family. This pet will need food, medical care and attention.

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