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Pet photography tips

Say cheese...

Tips for taking the best photos of your forever friends.

  1. Sit boy. Your dog will always look better in a photo if they are sitting still. Master this trick with these tips and proceed to step two.
  2. Tempt with delicious treats! After photographing hundreds of shelter pets we can tell you that almost all dogs will take pause when a treat is involved. We found that most dogs prefer smelly, jerky-like treats over biscuits.
  3. Lighting is KEY! Taking photos indoors is always going to be trickier than using natural, outdoor light. Try to take photos of your pet away from harsh shadows. The “golden hours” around dusk and dawn have proven best for us! Want a portrait of your forever friend but don’t trust your skills? Join us at Cover Dog 2019 and we will take one for you! Learn more here.