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Can we count on you to help pets in need? Give now.

While much has changed over the last couple of years, there is one thing that has remained constant -- the need to save helpless pets across Tucson and Southern Arizona. With your donations from Giving Tuesday, our organization is able to continue to save the lives of homeless pets in our community.

Help us to raise $60,000 today for pets in need on Giving Tuesday.

Here are just some of the lives that will be directly impacted by your generous gift:

A senior dog's second chance at love

Senior Akita-Mix, Keijo, was distraught when his owner unexpectedly passed away. He was brought to HSSA during an immensely stressful time in his life. This special boy entered the shelter system as a 9 year old dog. Many senior pups have trouble with this abrupt change in routine. HSSA’s staff and volunteers paid special attention to Keijo’s comfort and made sure he had multiple opportunities each day to bond with volunteers and play with other dogs. In no time at all he found his forever family. They couldn’t be more thrilled with the friend they found in Keijo. His new mama says “Keijo is walking 2 ½ miles a day - he brings me his leash. It’s hilarious all of the things I’m learning about how smart he is. He was loved very much - I’m the lucky one here!” Every pup, no matter the age, deserves a comforting and enriching home. Your gift made NOW will allow us to keep up this heartwarming work for senior pets in our community. GIVE NOW.

Pipsqueak's ultrasound found bladder stones

Pipsqueak is just one of the hundreds of Second Chance Medical pets who received life-saving testing, treatments and medications last year thanks to local donors like you. Eleven month old Pipsqueak is seen here being examined for bladder stones. At HSSA we act as loving owners to the pets that come through our door and treat them with the respect and eagerness that we would our own pets. You can help us continue this compassionate care when you GIVE NOW. 

Dallas' road to recovery

Dallas is a 3 year old Doberman who survived a brutal dog fight. It left poor Dallas covered in wounds from head to toe. His thick scabs were removed to allow our medical team to clean the area. To keep the area clean, his bandages were changed each day and he even got a fresh new outfit to keep his wrappings in place. We were elated as Dallas’s wounds slowly began healing. Now, this fiery young dog is living his best life after being adopted by his loving foster. GIVE NOW to support pets like Dallas at HSSA. 

Sugarbee is one-of-a-kind

Sugarbee could not be more darling. This eight year old girl came to HSSA as a shelter transfer from Pima Animal Care Center. Sugarbee is just one of the hundreds of pets each year that we bring into our care from neighboring struggling shelters. All shelters face capacity issues from time to time and it’s our job to step up when we can and offer compassionate care to pets in need.

Sugarbee won over the hearts of everyone at HSSA with her adorable droopy eyes and large personality. She received an antibiotic resistant UTI to get her in her best shape for her new, forever family. Sugarbee then spent time at HSSA Thrift Store which now hosts adoptable pets multiple days each week through the Special Dogs of Tucson program. Make your Giving Tuesday GIFT NOW and help HSSA continue these meaningful programs.

Annabelle's incredible labor and delivery

Annabelle’s life started out harder than most when she got pregnant in her first year of life. She was a stray cat who was in active labor with her four kittens when a Good Samaritan transported her to HSSA. This stressed young mama was so gentle and grateful for our staff’s care and help. It was as if she knew she needed us and this was the safest place for her and her kittens.

After helping her deliver all 4 kittens, we immediately got to work on placing this young family in a calm Foster Care home. They grew up there and became healthy, big cats. We’re happy to report Annabelle and her babies all found loving, forever homes and it’s all thanks to donors like you who keep our mission alive. GIVE NOW.

Diego's rehabilitation

Diego was originally a community cat and was trapped and transported to HSSA through our Community Cat Trap, Neuter, Return program. We found that he had a broken rear right leg, and needed to have it amputated as soon as possible. However, because he was a community cat, his lack of socialization proved difficult for our medical team. The medical team would often open his kennel just to pet him, to teach him that not all interactions with humans would be as scary as his surgery was. After recovering, Diego went to PAWSH in the Park Place Mall where he soon found his forever home. Diego's rehabilitation physically and his emotional and social rehabilitation was only made possible thanks to donors like you. GIVE NOW. 

Howey was attacked by his mother

When Howey was just 6 weeks old, he suffered an attack from his own mother which left his face badly scarred. Though we don’t know what prompted the attack, Howey’s resiliency was evident from the first time we met him. Though he was in pain, he always made time to play with our medical team. His scars were medicated with a mixture of SSD cream and insulin to speed up the healing process. Before long, Howey was placed into foster care where he continued to heal. Now, Howey is looking and feeling better than ever as a full grown pup in the loving arms of his forever home. GIVE NOW to help puppies grow up big and strong! 

Frodo's quest to heal

Frodo came into our care as a young kitten. He was suffering from a severe case of Calici Virus, and our medical team was not sure if he would survive. Calici has harsh side effects like dehydration which can impact survival rates especially in young and fragile kittens. However, Frodo made it past his first few days in our Second Chance Medical Unit and kept gaining momentum. Soon, he cleared from the virus and grew into a happy, full grown cat. He is now beloved in his forever family and it's all thanks to donors like you who made his treatment possible. With your help no kitten will be left behind due to medical need. GIVE NOW.

Leo the courageous kitten

Leo was found with scarring across his lower body. His back legs were affected the most severely. The skin began peeling away in a process our medical team called “degloving” - essentially, this meant that the dead skin was peeling away.

Leo was given his name because he is brave like a lion!  Though he was in immense pain, he still ate and drank on his own, and played with toys in his kennel. As he started to feel better, Leo would even chase after his tiny stuffed animals. He is now finishing his recovery in his foster home. Donors like you give Leo and his friends the courage to heal and grow - GIVE NOW! 

Lana had to learn to walk again after her hip dislocation

Lana originally came to HSSA as a stray from Marana. We quickly found that she had a dislocated hip. During the first stages of her recovery, Lana avoided putting pressure on or moving her back leg. However, as she continued to heal, she became more and more brave with her steps. She began to walk on her back leg as she learned to trust her body again. Now, Lana is in our adoptions center awaiting her forever home. GIVE NOW to help HSSA pay for Lana's recovery and for the thousands of pets that will come into our care in the coming year. 

Mili needed weeks of recovery at HSSA

Mili is a sweet boxer who was found in severe distress after being hit by a car. Mili, was covered in cactus spines and had a serious gash on her front leg. Mili had also been fighting an infection on her front leg that nearly resulted in an amputation. Thankfully Mili cleared the infection after spending weeks in the Second Chance Medical Unit. After healing at HSSA for over a month, she was brought to the adoption floor and quickly picked up by an ecstatic family. Please give now to help each pet that comes to HSSA walk out with the forever home of their dreams. GIVE NOW. 

Nugget's diagnosis

Nugget was surrendered to HSSA by her owner. Her owner reported that she wasn’t doing well, but the cause of her distress was not clear. Our medical team worked hard to diagnose her through both a blood work panel and in-depth ultrasound. On March 15th it was noted that Nugget had a liver mass. It was only thanks to this advanced testing that we were able to give her the complete diagnosis she deserved. At HSSA we can offer compassionate care to pets like Nugget thanks to local donors like you. Help us continue this meaningful service with a donation now. 

Sierra the heart-warming tripod

Sierra was brought in by a bystander who witnessed her be hit by a car. With two breaks on her arm and one on her pelvis, she was in incredible pain when she made her way to HSSA. She took time warming up to new people, but quickly opened up to our medical staff who made sure to visit with her often. After being monitored, our medical staff did amputate the leg with two breaks. She recovered from surgery in the care of a foster pet parent before returning to HSSA for monitoring of her pelvis and her behavior. She got medical clearance to continue healing without surgical intervention on her pelvis. Now Sierra is enjoying life as a tripod! Volunteers and medical staff who regularly take Sierra out for walks report that she “doesn’t walk, she runs!” Your gift made on Giving Tuesday helps Sierra and her friends at HSSA never lose hope. GIVE NOW!