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Found Pet FAQ's

I Have Found a Stray Pet. What do I do?

First, thank you for taking the time to help an animal in need. There are many ptions available to a good Samaritan who has picked up a stray cat or dog.

You can call to speak with one of our admissions staff members. We will check our database for any lost reports that may have been filed on the pet you have found. Please be prepared to give as much information about the pet you have found as possible (breed, sex, coloring, coat, identifying tags, collars, injuries, etc). We will also need the major crossroads of where the pet was picked up. Often, we can locate the owner, and the pet may not need to come to our campus.

If you can safely house the pet until the owner is found, we strongly encourage you to do so. Your information will be kept in our records for as long as you decide to house the pet. If you are not able to house the pet you may bring it in during regular business hours. There is an animal care fee of $45 per pet.

You may also take the pet to Pima Animal Care Center, the county facility. PACC is at 4000 N. Silverbell. There is no fee to drop off stray animals because they are government funded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I bring the pet I found?

If you need to bring a pet to HSSA for admissions, you will want to go to the green Admissions building.

Location Map - Main Campus Locations - Admissions