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How many pets did you help this year?

How many pets did you help in 2019? Here are 10 pets who need your help before December 31st, 2019. You can contribute by making your tax-deductible donation to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by clicking here.

Help Cruz recover from his severe injuries

Cruz was transferred to HSSA when a small veterinary office couldn't provide him with the life-saving care he needed. Cruz came in with severe wounds to his back left leg. Our medical team was not sure what happened but was guessing it was some kind of attack and puncture that then led to serious infection. He was also anemic and tested positive for tick fever.

HSSA's Shelter Veterinarian - Dr. Overton got off a plane and drove straight over to HSSA on her day off to care for this dog when she heard he had survived the trip to HSSA. Cruz is under close observation and receiving daily wound care, antibiotics, medications, special diet and close attention from staff at HSSA. We will report back more about Cruz after the holidays. In the meantime make your tax-deductible gift that will help us continue this life-saving care by clicking here.

Butterscotch Update Video (She's doing much better thanks to donors like you!)

Butterscotch is a senior pup who we believe to be about 7 years old. She came to HSSA as a stray, after she was found wandering the streets, blind, confused, and in a lot of pain. She had a large abscess on her neck that we were able to carefully drain and stitch up. Throughout her ordeal, Butterscotch has been a happy, affectionate girl who has won the hearts of our entire shelter medical team. Stephanie in particular, a technician who helped treat Butterscotch, was particularly smitten by this cutie, and brought her home as a foster to recover from her injuries. Now Stephanie and Butterscotch are inseparable, and of course she plans on officially adopting Butterscotch as soon as she has fully recovered. This was only made possible thanks to your donations. Give now. 

Meet Bonded Pair: Orca and Cheeks

Orca and Cheeks are a bonded pair of cats that love eachother very much. They've been at HSSA and looking for an adopter that will take BOTH of them home for over 100 days. These cats are part of HSSA's Century Club which means they're adoption fees have been covered by generous donors due to their long stay at our shelter. HSSA will always have a place for the special pets that need extra time and attention thanks to donors like you. Make your tax-deductible gift NOW.