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Will our pets get along? #ASKHSSA

My girlfriend is moving in… will our dogs get along?

First of all, congrats. Sharing toothbrush space with another human being is a big step! Asking your pets to get along is a different matter. Dogs and cats, like people, have personalities. Consider moving in with a complete stranger simply because your dog and the stranger’s dog are happy together. That’s basically what we ask of our pets when our relationships go to the next level.

Ideally, if you’re moving in together, there’s a good chance that the pets are already a little familiar with each other. Socializing pets prior to moving in together is a good idea. The more comfortable the pets are around each other, the easier the actual transition will be later.

Go slow. Allow the animals to interact gradually. Give each animal a separate room. As they become more acquainted with the new situation, allow the animals more access but always ensure each pet has a separate, safe space away from the other. Over time, most pets become accepting, or at the very least – tolerant, of one another.

It is a good idea to also monitor eating habits. Some animals can become possessive or aggressive while feeding if new animals are introduced to this activity. Separate bowls, or even separate rooms for feeding can correct this behavior.

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