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Will he be a good 'Dog Dad'? #ASKHSSA

He’s a great guy. He just might even be ‘The One’, but how do you know if the love of your life will be the dog dad that your pooch needs and deserves?

Being in a relationship is a wonderful and, sometimes wonderfully complicated, affair – especially when pets are involved. In many relationships, long before the thought of having a child with someone arises, the question “How do you know if your boyfriend will be a good father to your beloved dog?” gets asked. After all, your dog is a part of your life; a part of your family. It’s only natural to want to know if the man in your life is a responsible pet owner, too.

1. For starters, we’ll take it as read that you’re a great judge of character.

Not everybody is, but hopefully, we’re talking about generally decent human beings to begin with. Likewise, let’s assume that you yourself are a terrific and responsible pet owner. You ensure your dog’s health and happiness and do the things every day that are needed to adequately provide your dog with great care. That’s a great starting point in determining if your man will be a good dog dad.

2. Does he concern himself with your (or his own) dog’s health?

Does he actively participate and provide physical exercise and mental stimulation for an active and healthy dog? Does he know your dog’s nutritional needs? Ask yourself, if you sent him to the store for dog food, would he know which kind your dog eats? If he noticed your dog was acting ill, would he attentively listen to the vet at pooch’s veterinary visit?

3. Is spending time with - not just you - but your dog an important activity for him?

We’re not saying your clingy, but relationships are a time commitment. Spending time with a dog is one of the ways a deep bond is created between a dog and a human. Playing and exercising is one thing, cuddling on the couch, talking to your dog, and even napping are excellent signs your boyfriend is being a good dog dad.

4. Does your boyfriend have the patience needed to be a good dog dad?

Fathers are often thought of as disciplinarians, and that is true, too, with dog dads. Does your guy know when a firm “No” is called for and when to reward good behavior? Dogs that know and trust their master’s expectations are happier and feel more secure in their roles within the household dynamic. Providing guidance to a dog means more than just scolding a dog.

5. Lastly, boyfriends, like dogs, can be trained!

Not everyone has experience with being a dog owner and that doesn’t mean your partner can’t become a great dog dad. Sometimes a little practice and a little demonstrative dog ownership is all that’s needed for your dreamboat to become your dreamy dog dad, too.

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