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Why are two kittens better than one? #ASKHSSA

Adopting a kitten is a big decision

The time and care to raise a kitten is a lot of work! So, why would adopting two kittens be better than adopting just one? That’s a reasonable question and one we’re happy to answer.


For starters, and this might seem obvious but shouldn’t be understated, adopting two kittens means they’ll never be lonely. Kittens rely on each other in many ways. Providing one another comfort, safety, and warmth; having a buddy helps young kittens grow into well-adjusted, happy, and healthy cats.


It’s easier than just one kitten. Believe it or not, having a second kitten can make caring for them easier! Ask anyone who has owned just one kitten how many times they’ve had trouble finding a hidden kitten in their house. Having two means it’s actually easier to keep track of the little furballs.

Plus, raising two kittens helps reinforce the positive behaviors in both when they play together, eat together, sleep together, etc.


Kittens that grow up together for the above reasons also have fewer behavioral problems. Learning how to be a cat is tricky but having a pal to help learn those behaviors makes it much easier. Cats that are confidant and trusting simply make better pets.

Cats who are left to their own to figure out what is and isn’t good behavior have a harder time building confidence and trust.

Wait, there's more!

A few other great reasons include cuter photos, twice the cuddles and double the love – all of which are important but the most important reason of all is that when you adopt two kittens you will be saving two lives instead of one!

Now that you see why two kittens are better than one, it’s time to visit the many available cats and kittens in our care and take advantage of our many adoption specials!