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What if my partner is allergic to my pets? #ASKHSSA

Sorry to hear that!

Being diagnosed with an allergy to pets can be frustrating, especially for loving pet owners, or in this case, those who are looking at the possibility of living with a pet. Aside from the severe cases, many pet allergy sufferers have options and strategies to reduce or alleviate the symptoms of pet allergies. Allergies can affect everyone differently. Some allergy sufferers see success with some, or a combination, of the following practices. Please, consult a physician before employing any of these methods.

For many, using medication to combat the symptoms of pet allergies is the best solution. There are immunotherapy injections, nasal sprays, and topical applications that have proven to be effective. Again, consult with your doctor if this approach would be best for you or your partner.

Establish an area of your home that can be free of the pet (and pet dander). Bedrooms are a popular choice for this. It can be reasonably easy to restrict a pet’s access to a bedroom and is an area where the person with pet allergies can sleep comfortably.

Lastly, because of the nature of pet allergies, maintaining air quality can be a huge help. HEPA filters are a proven weapon against pet dander. Replacing the air filtration in your home with HEPA filters is a cost-effective measure; though using HEPA filters alongside an ionizer is even more effective.