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Dog's Day Out

Volunteers take dogs out on the town

Monday, May 17th, 2021

Our wonderful volunteers really go above and beyond when it comes to socializing HSSA shelter dogs. As part of our FAST (Foster Adoptions on the Streets of Tucson) program, this compassionate group of dog walker volunteers commit their time to dogs in need of connection, enrichment, excitement and fun! The weather couldn’t be more perfect for a day outing with our dogs’ favorite volunteers.

In order to give our long-time shelter residents a break from the shelter, and increase their visibility to a broader range of possible adopters, our most dedicated volunteers pick up shelter dogs and take them on special hikes, or even just hang out on the patio of a coffee shop.

The dogs featured in these photos got to visit Catalina State Park for a day of new smells, new friends, sunshine and exercise. These outings are planned and executed by HSSA’s Canine Enrichment Specialist but are only possible thanks to the volunteers that make that promise to the dogs.

This is just one way that HSSA goes above and beyond for the pets we look after. If you’d like to join us and become an HSSA volunteer please learn more at HSSAZ.org/volunteer. To make a donation and help us continue this enrichment work please give now by visiting the link below.