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Meet Bo:

The Handsome Lad selected for the cover of The Tucson Dog Magazine.

We are pleased to announce a special event on Sunday, September 13 from noon to 3pm at La Encantada (Tucson Rescue Now) showcasing our friend, Bo, who was selected to be the 'Cover Dog' in this month's edition of The Tucson Dog magazine.

Bo is a 6 year-old American Staffordshire Terrier/Boston Terrier mix who has endured substantial abuse in the past.  He's  special to us because, despite this history, Bo is nothing but sweet affection toward people and is especially fond of children.  This can be seen in the video linked below.  However, due to the abuse involving another dog, making Bo uneasy with other dogs, he needs to be an only pet.  This short video shows the many delightful sides to BO: