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Local Artist and Humane Society Honor Beloved Rescue Dog

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

Lulu spent over 8 months at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), working with dedicated staff and volunteers to keep her happy and healthy while she waited for a forever home. After exactly 245 days, her perfect family walked in the door and walked Lulu out of the shelter into her new, happy life.

Lulu recently returned to HSSA with her adopters, who added Lulu to their family on February 23rd 2020, to attend the unveiling of "Lulu's Yard", a new exercise yard on HSSA's Roger Road Campus. Steve Farley, HSSA CEO, stated, "We are so grateful to the generous anonymous donors who decided to honor volunteer-favorite Lulu, and the volunteers who helped her, with a beautiful new exercise yard for our shelter dogs to romp and play while they await their forever homes."

The new yard will be used by dog-walking volunteers for behavior socialization and much needed exercise. While dogs at HSSA get walked every day, this yard offers them an opportunity to run around safely off-leash.

Hannah Carl, HSSA Public Relations Coordinator, added, "Having this extra space will be an invaluable tool for our dog behavior and enrichment programs, and the fact that it honors one of HSSA's longest and most beloved residents makes it that much more special."

HSSA finds loving homes for thousands of pets each year. The average time a dog or cat has to wait to be adopted is 17 days. There are still too many dogs and cats like Lulu who have to wait much longer, and the public is invited to open their hearts and homes to a special dog or cat like Lulu who has been waiting for a loving family. Find your new best friend today at HSSAZ.org/adopt.

Lulu's Yard features a metal sculpture entry-way designed by local welding artist Todd Rose of Rose Metal Works. The artwork was commissioned by the Lulu's Yard anonymous donor. If you would like to contribute to help HSSA save the lives of pets, you can visit HSSAZ.org/donate.

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