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Letters from The Kennel: Cutest Halloween Pet Costumes Seen On Reddit

We're still recovering from this year's candy haul,

but managed to waddle over to our desks to gander at the inevitable cavalcade of the cutest pet costumes that users of the popular site Reddit have shared this Halloween. And while the popular subreddit known as r/aww is one of our guilty pleasures year round, Halloween is particularly special. Check out these cutest Halloween pet costumes seen on reddit this year. Maybe these inventive trick’r treaters will inspire your next year’s pet costume, or maybe you’ll just predictably exclaim “aww!” – either way, grab that last candy corn from your Halloween stash and enjoy these costumed critters!

1. The Creepy Crawlies


Posted by reddit user: u/BingoVivaLaLoca


Sometimes, it doesn’t take alot of gimmicky props or fancy wardrobe to make a great Halloween costume. Reddit user u/BingoVivaLaLoca shared this simple-yet-effective idea. Working with the spots rather than against them, a small amount of pet-safe dye transformed this Dalmatian into a real skin-crawler of a costume!

2. The Gourd Dog


Posted by reddit user: u/BuddyCat123


OK, we’ll admit the costume really isn’t doing that much here. Sure, it’s a cute pumpkin outfit, but its this super-adorable pup that’s doing the heavy lifting. Plop this pupper down in a pumpkin patch and, well, you’ve got yourself a ‘gourd dog’!

3. Doe, a female...dog?!?


Posted by reddit user: u/kyvvy


We did a double take over this one, just to make sure it wasn’t an actual deer in the picture. Another great example of how minimal accessories and just a touch of pet-friendly dye can really be effective. Especially if your dog already has the market cornered on looking like a deer.

4. Unbearable


Posted by reddit user: u/bmc2017


With the release of not one, but two, feature-length, live-action Paddington Bear movies, it’s not surprising that there’s been a resurgence in popularity of this lovable character. This living, breathing teddy bear got right into the spirit of the holiday with this slapdash costume and its so cute that its almost unbearable.

5. The Guardian of the Gates of 'Awww'


Posted by reddit user: u/avramce


This one takes it all the way back to the classics. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was the three-headed hound that guarded the entrance to Hades; preventing anyone from escaping. This little fluffball has a better idea. Instead of being a hideous monstrosity, just be so ridiculously cute that nobody would ever want to leave. As a side note, we don’t condone the use of choke chains. In this instance, it’s more of a piece of costume jewelry, and you can see the actual collar underneath.

6. iCute


Posted by reddit user: u/pmartin3002


He’s been portrayed on the silver screen by the likes of Michael Fassbender, Aston Kutcher, and Justin Long, but this little innovator captures that visionary-staring-into-the-future look that Steve Jobs possessed better than any Hollywood A-list actor ever could. He’s probably better at transferring photos to the cloud, too.

7. Out Ridin' Fences


Posted by reddit user: u/chesloctopus


Despite the “this is my life now” look on this cat’s face, we have to applaud the ability of its owner to dress a cat in a costume AND get its picture taken. This buckaroo is the only cat to make the list this year, but if you’ve ever tried to dress up a cat, then you know the struggle. If you did dress your cat up, we’d love to see! Send your costumed cat pics to our Facebook page!

8. Happy Little Trees


Posted by reddit user: u/SassypantRN


Beloved public access t.v. painter Bob Ross was the inspiration for this get up. When your hair-do is as famous as Bob Ross’s curly coif, it only stands to reason that it should be the starting point for a legendary ‘Dog Ross’ (or is it ‘Bob Ruff’?) Halloween costume.

9. Tripod? Tri-pawed? Just say cheese.


Posted by reddit user: e/MaxPickles


Another example of working with what you’ve got, or in this case, what you don’t. This awesome sharpshooter clearly has a leg up on life when it comes to getting subjects to smile for the camera!

10. What did BB8? Lettuce. He ate Lettuce.


Posted by reddit user: u/thuja-plicata


Here we have an interstellar tortoise that we’ll conclude our list of the cutest pet costumes that were found on Reddit.com this year. When the new Star Wars movie launched, fans flocked to stores and online retailers to get their hands on a vast menagerie of BB8 action figures, remote-controlled toys, and even plush stuffed animal versions of the little orange robot. This tortoise tops them all with this fun, hand-made costume that is out of this world, therefore we just had to be include this galactic cutie in our list.

Did you and your pets dress up? Which of the above cutest pet costumes did you like the best? Let us know! You can comment right here on our blog, or share and discuss your cutest pet costumes for Halloween on our Facebook page. And, remember if you need a new collar, leash or harness, a new food bowl or fun new toys for your bright-eyed kitten, you can get all of those things and much more at our retail locations at PAWSH La Encantada and PAWSH Park Place Mall, or come by our Main Campus at 635 W. Roger Road, to do a little tax-free shopping. Remember, it’s never too early to start planning next year’s costumes! Who knows? Maybe we’ll be talking about your cutest pet costumes next time!