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Letters from The Kennel: 15 Best Pictures of Dogs with Santa

Christmas is coming up, and you know what that means…Santa Claus is coming to town!

Here at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, we’ve already had not one, but two Santa sightings so far this year! On the weekend of December 18th and 19th, we hosted Pet Santa photos here in Tucson. These 15 best pictures of dogs with Santa include some of the best, funniest, and cutest pics we snapped!

1. When you're just so darn excited that you got to meet Santa!


2. When Santa says you can lead the reindeer pack this year!


3. When you realize that Christmas is in three weeks and you haven't started shopping for presents yet.

If this is you, check out our Holiday Gift Guides for Pets and the People Who Love Them to get some ideas!


4. When Santa is a little bit jealous of how good you look in your Santa hat.


5. When you have so much holiday spirit inside you that you can't help but dress up!


6. When you just told Santa what you want for Christmas and he said he can make it happen!


7. When the photographer tells you to smile.


8. When you know you're the perfect gift


9. When you got the role of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in the school play and you want to start rehearsing right away.


10. When you stole Santa's line and he doesn't know what to say now.


11. When you thought you would be nice and cozy but you live in Arizona and it's still 70 degrees outside, so you're hot.


12. When you have to do a couples costume for the Christmas card.


13. When you took one good, serious picture and you're ready to be goofy again.


14. When everyone else got to dress up as Santa's Little Helpers but you have to have a bow around your neck.


When you know you're stealing Santa's job next year.


We hope you enjoyed these 15 best pictures of dogs with Santa. If you want more pictures of dogs with Santa, check out Rover’s 12 Best Dog/Santa Pics Ever, and these dogs who can’t wait for Santa Paws to come to town.