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Letters from The Kennel: 10 Pets You Need to Follow on Instagram

At the Humane Society of Southern Arizona,

we love Instagram. It’s a great platform that we use frequently to showcase the homeless pets in our shelter. And, of course, we love scrolling through our feed and seeing so many cute pets, including some great Tucson locals! Follow us on Instagram @humanesocietysoaz for our daily dose of cuteness, and then read this article for 10 pets you need to follow on Instagram.

1. Tinkerbelle @tinkerbellethedog


Tinkerbelle probably travels more than you. She’s also the best-dressed jetsetter out there. This 5-pound Papitese (Papillon/Maltese) is living her best life. Okay, so maybe she’s a little bit of a diva. But she knows it (check out her profile @tinkerbellethedog)!

2. Watson and Kiko @wat.ki


Everybody loves a good dog cuddle, and Watson and Kiko are no exception. These adorable fur brothers love to take naps, cuddle, and spend time outdoors. In case you didn’t know, Watson is the trust fall dog! You gotta check @wat.ki out!

3. Ellie, Layla and Booker @goldens.unleashed


The Pacific Northwest is the perfect place for these three adventurous, outdoorsy Golden Retrievers. They’re also great models. The perfect mix of serious and smiley, and always featuring fun, colorful bandanas (and the occasional free hugs sign), @goldens.unleashed is a must-follow for a daily dose of cuteness.

4. Tuna @tunameltsmyheart


We love a good underbite, but this overbite has our hearts melting. Tuna is a sweet Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund) with a goofy overbite and a flair for fashion. If you need a daily giggle, you’ll definitely want to check out @tunameltsmyheart.

5. Darren and Philip @the_blueboys


Darren and Phillip are two sweet blue Pit Bulls with faces you just can’t resist. These fur brothers have a packed schedule of naps, cuddling and fun. They even run their own Instagram account (or so they claim)! Check out @the_blueboys, you’ll love them!

6. Taquito @thelittletaquito


We just can’t resist a cat named after food, especially if they’re as cute as Taquito! If you love cat naps, you’ll love Taquito’s pictures. Check out @thelittletaquito if you need some warm-fuzzies while you’re scrolling.

7. Sir Thomas Trueheart @sirthomastrueheart


Sir Thomas Trueheart has earned his knighthood, because he fought and won a huge battle. While living as a stray in the desert of California, someone poured acid on his face, which burned half of it off, including his right eye. Luckily, he was taken in by Milo’s Sanctuary and treated. Once he was healed he was able to find a forever home. Now @sirthomastrueheart is an Instagram star and, more importantly, a spokescat for the abused and forgotten.

8. Hanbit @hanbit_the_one_eyed_cat


Hanbit is a playful kitten who just happens to be missing an eye. A local animal shelter rescued this sweet boy and removed his infected eye so that he could live a long, happy life with his forever family. Check out @hanbit_the_one_eyed_cat for a little cute and a little funny and a whole lot of love.

9. Oatmeal and Calico @adventuresofcalico


This is the account that you didn’t know you needed in your life. You probably follow lots of cats and dogs on Instagram, but do you follow any hedgehogs? Once you check out @adventuresofcalico, you’ll wonder why you never have before.

10. Exempel @exempelthebunny


This 6 year old mini lop bunny from Sweden is perfect for adding some cuteness and hilarity into your feed. Exempel is another pet you just didn’t realize you needed in your feed. @exempelthebunny is so photogenic and cute, we know you’ll love following him!

Do you have a favorite account that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below. And if you’re social media savvy, check out How Sharing a Pet on Facebook Can Save Their Life for more information on how following accounts like ours can help homeless pets get adopted.