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HSSA Clinic's Wellness Program

HSSA Clinic offers income-based financial assistance to qualifying households

As a non-profit organization focused on caring for and placing homeless pets into loving homes, HSSA is able to offer a diverse range of programs and services for homeless pets, privately-owned pets, and adults and children. This includes the crucial HSSA Spay/ Neuter Clinic. For decades, the HSSA Spay/Neuter Clinic has provided the public with preventative surgeries and essential vaccinations. The clinic offers affordable services to the general public and provides income-based financial assistance to qualifying households.

It is important for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to provide affordable medical care to pet owners who may need a little extra help – especially now, as more and more pet owners and households can benefit from income-based assistance. For many, necessary veterinary services may be out-of-reach without this program. Through the HSSA Clinic Wellness Program low-income preventative care, assorted medical treatment options, minor surgeries, diagnostic procedures, digital x-rays, and most recently dental procedures, are made accessible to households who may otherwise not be able to afford these essential medical services.

Sadly, many pets silently endure the nonstop pain of dental disease because their owners can’t afford the high cost of cleanings and extractions. Starting this summer, the HSSA Clinic is proud to offer affordable pet dental services to ease that pain.

HSSA’s Medical Director and Veterinarian, Dr. Halstead DVM, explains further, “The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Wellness Program offers a donor-subsidized veterinary preventative care clinic to serve income-qualifying folks and their pets. Our goal is to help make veterinary services such as diagnostic testing and medical procedures (beyond vaccination) more accessible to the members of our community that need it the most”.

HSSA’s Clinic and Wellness Program demonstrates our commitment to provide quality services and support to all pet owners in Southern Arizona, regardless of income level. It is only through the support of caring donors like you that this program can exist. To learn more about what the Wellness Program offers, or to see if your household may qualify, visit www.HSSAZ.org/Wellness