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HSSA Clinic’s Pet Dental Cleanings

Do you know how to brush your dog’s teeth?

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

PET OWNERSHIP IS a wonderful thing. The benefits, joy and love a pet brings into our families’ lives is immeasurable. Of course, these rewards come with certain responsibilities and expenses. Pet food, grooming supplies, toys, collars, and bedding (all available in our PAWSH stores) are associated costs that most pet owners consider before adopting a pet into their households.

Even when pet owners are well-aware of the requirements for great veterinary care for their furry family member, the actual costs can come as a terrible shock – especially when dental care is needed. Infected gums and rotted teeth cause great suffering, so dental care is a necessity. But anyone who has had more than regular check-ups and cleaning can attest to the expenses associated with going to going to a human dentist. Dental procedures for pets can be even more expensive.

That is why the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Spay and Neuter Clinic has expanded our Wellness Program services to include many essential and life-saving dental care options for pets. The Wellness Program works to serve households that may be struggling to afford veterinary care in these difficult times. Dental procedures offered by the HSSA Spay & Neuter Clinic include dental exams and x-rays, cleanings, bloodwork, and much more, and are available for everyone, regardless of income.

Spaces are limited. To check availability and to learn more about our Wellness
Program or to apply, visit HSSAZ.org/Wellness

Dental Before and After