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How much exercise does my pet need? #ASKHSSA

The short answer, it varies.

While there’s merit to the old adage “If your dog is overweight, you’re not getting enough exercise”, determining what is an appropriate amount of exercise for your pet depends more on your specific pet’s needs rather than your own BMI.

Different types of dogs require different amounts of exercise. Knowing your dog’s physical activity requirements is essential. Naturally, a Greyhound needs to expend more energy everyday than a Yorkshire terrier would require.  ‘Work’ dogs such as cattle dogs and shepherds have been bred to chase and corral livestock. Many dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation, while a ‘lap dog’ might not be an Olympic hopeful, they still benefit from physical activities.

Age is also an important factor to consider when it comes to pet exercise. Young cats and kittens use exercise to stimulate their senses and reflexes. It is play, but it’s also how cats exercise. As your cat matures into adulthood, their playfulness and physical activity wanes, but both adult and even elderly cats and dogs should receive physical and mental exercise.

Confer with your Veterinarian to determine the exact amount and level of exercise that is appropriate for your pet, then create a workout regimen and stick to it!