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Does my pet love me? #ASKHSSA

Totally! Who wouldn't love you.

If you are curious about your pet’s true feelings for you, there are ways to tell! Learn to read these body language and behavioral cues and you’ll know that your fur babies really do love you!

For dogs, leaning into someone is basically a dog’s hug. Cats like to do this too, usually by pressing their forehead into your hand, or twisting between your legs. This is known as ‘distance-closing’ behavior and hey, if they didn’t love you, they’d be as far away from you as possible, right?

Eye contact is another big one. Dogs will hold your eye contact to indicate a level of trust. Return their gaze naturally, and the bond between the two of you deepens. Cats engage in something known as ‘slow blinking’. These long, slow, almost sleepy blinks are a cat’s way of displaying trust in their human. What’s even better, you can return the gesture! Next time you catch your cat slow blinking at you, reply with your own deliberate slow blinks and your cat will notice!

There’s also purring from cats and wagging tails from dogs, and don’t forget, both dogs and cats are fully capable of smiling!

Have a happy Valentine's Day from HSSA!