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Does my pet like music? #ASKHSSA

For humans, music is an essential part of our lives.

We listen, we dance, we sing. The human heart beat was the first drum. Animals, on the other hand, have widely different reactions to music depending on the species.  According to research conducted in the field of zoomusicology (the study of animal responses to music), cats and dogs do enjoy music.

Many pet owners leave music playing at home for their pet while at work for the day. The idea being that it provides company and comfort to what would otherwise be a quiet, uneventful day for their pets.

So, what kinds of music should you play for your pets? Interestingly, or maybe obviously for you music lovers out there, but pets prefer certain genres of music more than others. Perhaps no explanation is needed as to why loud, aggressive, high-beat music doesn’t do much to de-stress our pets while, slower-paced, symphonic classical music results in napping dogs and lounging cats.

In fact, classical music, as a genre, is what is recommended for pets. Though, consider that a Straussian waltz would be ideal, whereas Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”, with its bombastic and brash sound, could be stressful to your pet. In other words, selection is key when choosing music for your pets.

Bring your pet to a concert that supports homeless pets on March 9th! Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones and Rocking Originals is a day long concert featuring local bands and vendors. Don't forget dogs are invited to enjoy the grass and the rocking tunes! Learn more about this great event here. We hope to see you there!