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Pet Detectives

Be a super sleuth

Southern Arizona Pet Detectives help reunite lost pets and their owners.

The Southern Arizona Pet Detectives program is a new and innovative volunteer opportunity. Our volunteers help reunite pets with their owners - whether they have come to our shelter or not. This program is remote-based and can be a rewarding challenge! Our volunteers use shelter reports, social media posts, and real-time tools to match “LOST” pet with reports of “FOUND” pets.

It doesn't always result in a match, but is an important part of helping reunite families with their lost pets. We have lots of ideas and tools to help you investigate, deduce, and sleuth, helping lost pets become found pets. If this sounds like something you could assist with, consider becoming a volunteer at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona by reading below!

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Interested? Get started here!

Pet Detectives are part of our incredible volunteer staff. To become a Pet Detective, you will need to complete the volunteer application and our basic volunteer orientation first. You can fill out and submit your volunteer application and learn more about becoming an HSSA volunteer by clicking the button below:

Lost & Found Department

(520)327-6088 Ext 111 or Ext 187






Where is the Lost and Found office?

If you need to visit the Lost and Found office, go to the green Admissions building.

Location Map - Main Campus Locations - Admissions