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Letters from The Kennel: Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

The holidays are coming up, and it’s time to start thinking about presents.

If you’re prepared, you may already be done with your holiday shopping. Unfortunately, some of us haven’t even thought about holiday shopping yet! We’ve put together this holiday gift guide to help you shop for the pet lovers on your list. Plus, check out the Holiday Gift Guide for Pets to get some gift ideas for your four-legged friends.

If you’re looking for an item you saw in Humanely Speaking, look for the items with an asterisk (*) next to them!


*Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Created by Gary Ross and distributed by Uncommon Goods, these Dog Bowl Water Bottles are perfect for any dog on the go. If you’ve ever gone hiking, walking, or running and found it difficult or messy to get your dog some water, this is the perfect item. Just squeeze the bottle and water dispenses into the bowl attachment. Any remaining water drains back into the bottle, minimizing waste.


Pet Odor Exterminator Candles

Pet Odor Exterminator Candles are professional strength scented candles that combat and mask pet odors. These candles come in a wide variety of scents, including holiday-specific scents like Pumpkin & Spice. If you’re in Tucson, you can pick up these candles at PAWSH La EncantadaPAWSH Park Place, or our Main Campus.


*Personalized Deginition of My Pet Pillow

These personalized pillows from Personalization Mall are a great way to show off your dog’s personality. When making your pillow, you select a silhouette picture and give three “definitions” of your dog. These awesome pillows will be the envy among your friends! Bonus, they have Definition of My Cat pillows, too!


Lupine Collars and Leashes

Lupine Pet is dedicated to making high-quality pet collars, leashes, and harnesses. They come with a lifetime guarantee, “Even if Chewed”! Lupine offers a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles, including their Eco Collection, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. If you’re in Tucson, you can pick up their products at our PAWSH La Encantada store.


*Cat Butt Coasters

These quirky Cat Butt Coasters by Geekirumi! are sure to the be the talk of the town. They are perfect for any cat lover, or anyone who has a good sense of humor. Geekirumi! crochetes each coaster with 100% cotton yarn. We love them!


GoLine Kids Night Light

This adorable nightlight is perfect for anyone on your list who has kids. Unlike most other nightlights out there, the GoLine Cat LED Nightlight is the perfect mix of cute and functional. With dual light modes, tap light control, and an adorable kitty face, this nightlight will keep the kids in your life (or you, because nightlights can be for adults, too!) feeling safe and happy all night. Also, it’s rechargeable!


Cool Cats Calendar or Hot Dogs of Tucson Calendar

We love these calendars (we know we’re biased)! This is the perfect way to support the Humane Society of Southern Arizona while also getting something you or your gift recipient will use all year! We have two options this year, the Cool Cats calendar and the Hot Dogs of Tucson calendar. You can grab these in our Square store, or, if you’re in Tucson, at any of our retail locations and our main shelter. They’re only $10 each, or $12 if you buy online.


*Pooch Selfie

Pooch Selfie is perfect for anyone who loves taking selfies with their dog. We all know it can be hard to get a good picture of a pet, since they’re very easily distracted. Pooch Selfie knows that, and came up with a great way to focus their attention. This handy smartphone attachment comes complete with a Pooch Selfie tennis ball. This is a must-have for the iPhone photographer.


Pop Your Pup

Pop Your Pup is a very unique gift idea. However, we think it’s perfect for any pet lover. It’s an easy process: first, you send in a picture of your pet (and although it’s called Pop Your PUP, you can send in any kind of animal). Next, a real artist creates unique pop art featuring your pet. You go in, review and finalize the artwork, and then wait. Pop Your Pup will send you a creative, quirky shirt for you to wear everywhere! These t-shirts will elevate you to EXPERT pet owner status.


*I Could Pee on This

Francesco Marciuliano is the genius behind I Could Pee On This, a collection of hilarious poems from the perspective of your cat. I Could Pee On This imagines what your cat is thinking, and it’s exactly what you’d expect. As an added bonus, there is a dog version of this book, too!

Will you get any of these gifts for your animal-loving friends (or yourself) this holiday season? Are there any must-have gifts you think we missed? Let us know in the comments.

Happy holidays from HSSA!