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How To Fund-Raise for Sweat for Pets? #ASKHSSA

Familiarize yourself with the simple steps to fundraising for HSSA.

Our popular dog walking event, SWEAT for Pets, brings together dogs and animal lovers for a fun, non-competitive bit of exercise! There's the actual path for everyone to walk, run and roll through, hydration stations for your dogs, prizes, and many people and their dogs participate in the doggie costume contest. It's fun for the whole family including your furry canine family.

Sweat for Pets is your dog’s favorite walk of the year.

This marks the event's fifth year and brings with it a new event venue at Kino Sports Complex. SWEAT for Pets is schedule for November this year (2019), however, now's the time to start fundraising for 'SWEAT'! With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment and familiarize everyone with the simple steps on fundraising for SWEAT for Pets.

So, exactly how does one go about raising funds for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona at SWEAT? That’s part of the fun! If you’ve never participated in a fundraiser before, it’s simple! Start with your own dedication to helping save the lives of homeless pets. Your registration begins your step towards SWEAT for Pets but it doesn’t end there! Your passion spills over into the lives of the people in your life. Your family and your friends all can share in that passion! Ask them to support your cause and contribute $20 or $25 to your fund.

Offer a car wash or maybe a few household chores to convince your friends and family to support you.

As you enlist others to support you at SWEAT for Pets, you start to gain momentum and next thing you know you’ve got yourself several sponsors. Don’t stop there, though! Keep the excitement (and sponsorships) growing and share your enthusiasm for what we do with your coworkers and even your boss. Helping the lives of shelter pets is something everyone can support! Got a favorite coffee shop, barber, church group, or diner? Get them involved, too!

Just because they never get your name right on the cup doesn’t mean your local coffee shop won’t help.

Lastly, you don’t have to do it alone! Make it a team effort and make SWEAT for Pets even better by getting your whole office, softball team, or pottery class involved in fundraising! It’s an incredible feeling when you see so many people in your personal life stand beside you in a cause that you (and they) believe in.

Tons of businesses and organizations come to SWEAT each year!

So, ready to do some fundraising? Great! Build YOUR team to help save the lives of shelter pets at SWEAT! And, to make things even easier to get you started, take this handy Sweat for Pets fundraising road map as a resource for your fundraising adventure!