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Kitten Shower

HSSA's most vulnerable kittens need your help.

It's Kitten Season 🍼 which means our Foster Care families are working double time to keep vulnerable and adorable kittens healthy. Now is the time of year to DONATE to this life-saving program and help HSSA provide our foster care families with all supplies and support needed to help them continue this selfless work.

Help us raise $5,000 for our wonderful cats and foster care program by July 1st, 2020.

One day old kitten

Some kittens come to us at only a few days old and without a mother. This is when the life-saving work comes in to play. HSSA Foster Care families are trained in providing delicate and constant care for these vulnerable little lives. These kittens need round the clock supervision and to be manually fed with milk replacement every few hours.


It takes a dedicated person to be a foster to kittens. Can you help supply them with the materials needed to keep kittens alive and thriving? GIVE NOW.

Precious needed help

Precious was found alone and confused. Our dedicated foster looked after this shy and scared kitten and brought her to our Foster Care office the next morning. We checked her out and saw that she was healthy and about 6 weeks old. She must have been somehow separated from her mother and littermates which explained the fear and discomfort.


After only 24 hours with her foster family she is already opening up and learning to trust. This 6 week old kitten went from spitting and swatting to playing and relaxing in the arms of our foster. Please make a donation to help HSSA raise $5,000 and provide all supplies and materials necessary to care for Precious and the hundreds of other kittens who come through our doors each year. GIVE NOW and support Precious and her friends at HSSA.

Neo was malnourished.

Neo was frail and weak when he was brought to HSSA. They believed he was a month old but he was weighing closer to the size of a 2 week old kitten. He was in serious need of medical attention and tender, loving care. HSSA's admission team went to work on getting him fed and warm. He needed round the clock feeding and observation to make sure he was not declining. Donations from people like you kept Neo alive.

Neo is growing up strong thanks to donors like you. Please make your donation to help Neo and his friends. Give before July 1st and help us meet our goal of $5,000 for HSSA's Foster Care Department! GIVE NOW.

Senior cats need love too

When you think of Foster Care pets you easily remember the bottle fed kittens and pregnant mama dog with her pups. The overlooked population of homeless pets that benefit greatly from our Foster Care program are our SENIOR pets.

Senior cats like Frazier struggle in the shelter and have a hard time adjusting to shelter life when they've lived most of their lives in stable, loving homes. Frazier got along great with large dogs in his previous home but was afraid of other cats. He would do best in a calm home due to his age and temperament. If you're interested in meeting Frazier please fill out an adoption application online and we will get back to you ASAP! Please consider making a donation to help senior pets like Frazier. GIVE NOW.


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