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Giving Tuesday is back and we have the biggest goal yet.

While much has changed over the last couple of years, there is one thing that has remained constant -- the need to save helpless pets across Tucson and Southern Arizona. With your donations from Giving Tuesday our organization is able to continue to save the lives of homeless pets in our community.

Help us to raise $77,000 today for pets in need on Giving Tuesday.

Here are just some of the lives that will be directly impacted by your generous gift:

Margo came to HSSA with attack wounds

Margo came to HSSA as a stray with attack wounds scattered across her body, one so deep that it damaged her trachea. Scared and shutdown, she still had the courage to welcome our help and before her first week of care had concluded, she knew she had found a safe place to open up. Little did we know, her wounds were just the beginning.

As they began healing, our team noticed a few growing scabs on her back and upon closer examination were able to identify that she had developed another infection. To aid in the care of this new discovery, our team bandaged her exposed skin with more antibiotics and provided pain management. It will take time, but Margo’s wounds and trachea are on the path to healing, and she is now stretching out her paws in a loving foster home. Your gifts make treatments for homeless pets a reality. Give now.

Irma required two oral surgeries

Irma came to HSSA from a hoarding case and it was apparent from her condition that her previous living situation had taken a heavy toll on her health and happiness. She was severely congested and was dealing with extreme discomfort in her mouth. Post examinations identified two conditions in Irma, both of which require surgical procedures. We knew we had to get this girl some comfort immediately, and were able to do so by administering an oral mixture containing lidocaine gel to coat and numb the mouth for comfort. In completing her oral treatment, we were finally cleared to address the irritation in her mouth through dental surgery, ultimately extracting 16 teeth.

Finally, she was ready for the adoption floor, or so we thought. Her upper-respiratory condition remained persistent, and it was determined she had a chronic upper-respiratory infection, a common condition that occurs in hoarding homes. To help her stay comfortable, she is currently living with a wonderful foster family. Your gift made NOW provides for Irma and her friends at HSSA. Give now.

Jarhead's owner was called to serve

Jarhead lived a happy life until his owner, who was an active member of the United Stated military, was deployed. Heartbroken from the absence of his best friend, Jarhead was brought to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Now, he is receiving unconditional affection as he awaits the moment he can offer his love and loyalty to his new forever home. We will always be there for pets in their time of need and your support allows us to keep this promise. Give now.

Curie's amazing transformation

Curie’s entry to HSSA was long overdue. Mange had devastated her body, leaving her skin bare, irritated, and inflamed. With love and care from our medical team her gorgeous black coat began to fill in again, and her playful spirit was revived. Curie recently left HSSA hand in paw with a forever family who fell in love with the dog she was all along. Curie's healing took many months and we cared for her each day thanks to donors like you. Give now.

Marley is deaf and blind and full of heart

Building a relationship with Marley may be an unfamiliar process to some pet owners, but once it is formed it will be worth more than its weight in gold. Marley is deaf and partially blind. He may communicate and experience the world differently than most dogs, but he still enjoys the same things they do! Marley enjoys belly rubs, a healthy helping of treats, and even playing fetch. Marley is just one of the over 5,000 pets that come through our doors each year in need. Give now.

Robbie was hit by a car at only 6 months old

Robbie came to HSSA as a transfer from another local rescue and was clearly in bad shape, showing substantial signs of discomfort and pain. Our team quickly evaluated her for injuries determined to have come from being hit by a car, and she was diagnosed with complicated pelvic fractures involving the right hip joint. Her situation was severe and would require a challenging surgical procedure that would aim to restore pain-free mobility to her damaged hip by removing the head and neck of the femur (thighbone). Thankfully, her surgery went well and she is currently undergoing physical therapy treatments to regain comfortable use of her leg and rebuild lost muscle. This sweetheart still has some healing to do, but has the heart of a warrior and is getting one step closer to being adoption ready everyday. When you make a Giving Tuesday donation you are contributing to the healing of Robbie and all pets at HSSA. Give now.

Cosette's owner passed away

When her owner passed away, Cosette had nowhere to turn. Full of fear, Cosette made the journey to our shelter and was greeted with loving, open arms. She was scared and confused to suddenly be in an unfamiliar environment with no comfort from the person she'd called family for most of her life. Although unsure, she began to realize she was in a place of love and safety and her personality began to shine through. No matter what they've lived through, we welcome all pets into our doors prepared to nurture their spirits until they are ready to find their new forever home, and Cosette's story is a testament to that. HSSA is a safehaven for pets in need thanks to donors like you. Give now.

Oliver's painful skin infection turned life-threatening

Oliver arrived at HSSA with severe hair loss across his entire body. Visibly miserable and in pain, his exposed skin was inflamed, irritated, and crusty. Suspicious as to what may be causing his skin to react this way, our team was able to run some tests and determine that he was positive for ringworm, fungi that feed on the keratin found in the outer layers of the skin, hair, and nails, becoming the first dog in a decade that HSSA has treated for this infection.

His journey of healing will be a long one filled with several antifungals, topical creams, and baths, but he is embarking on this journey with a fighting spirit and is already looking and feeling better. Oliver is an incredibly sweet and loving cuddle-bug who is patiently awaiting his moment of freedom.  Give now to support Oliver's healing.

Barb is healed and ready to find a forever family

When left untreated, pet allergies can be catastrophic. Barb’s severe allergies caused her hair to fall out. Her exposed skin became dry and irritated. She endured her treatments with a fighting spirit and took every opportunity she could to snuggle with our staff along the way. Now, fully healed, Barb is ready to find her future forever home. Second Chances like these are only possible thanks to local donors like you. Give now.

What makes Clarice so special?

Clarice is a young pup who was born with three functional legs, but she never lets the absence of a fourth slow her down. While at HSSA, she worked up her stamina by going for daily walks with volunteers and enjoyed plenty of play time. Now, Clarice has been welcomed into a forever home that fell in love with the dog she is inside and out. This giving Tuesday, help pets like Clarice at hssaz.org/donate.

Malakai received surgery and physical therapy at HSSA

Malakai was brought to us as a stray, and while, upon initial meeting, he seemed normal with no visible injuries or defects his radiographs told a completely different story. What wasn’t apparent to the eye was just how much pain this poor sweet boy was in after sustaining what the radiographs showed were pelvic fractures and a fracture to his right hip from being hit by a car.

We knew we could help, and just like our other Second Chance Unit patient, Robbie, Malaki underwent the same surgical procedure which was successful and alleviated what was most certainly unimaginable pain. Now in physical therapy with pain management being administered, this sweetheart is allowing his leg to regain more muscle while he learns to move around again in a foster home.  Care like this is only possible thanks to local donors like YOU. Give now.


HSSA cares for over 5,000 pets each year. Which pet will need our help next? Give now.