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How did the year 2020 impact HSSA

2020 was quite the year

Thursday, December 31st, 2020

We've all been through a lot this year. We saw our first closures in March followed by new procedures and precautions put in place to keep our pets and the people who love them safe, it's been a year.

By June we had adapted so well to this new normal that we were seeing MORE ADOPTIONS THAN EVER before in these summer months. We attribute this to our new processes and to the public's attitude toward bringing a forever friend into their now socially distanced lives.

We created cute dog, cat and rabbit face masks. We continued to transfer at risk pets into our care from all over Arizona including the 900 dog hoarding case from Casa Grande in September of 2020.

We took our beloved Puttin' on the Dog annual gala online and to television for the first time ever. Between our Puttin' on the Dog Tail-a-thon and our Giving Tuesday efforts we replenished many of the funds that were lost throughout the year.

But most of all we helped thousands of homeless pets by transferring them into our care from overcrowded shelters, placing them into loving foster care homes and providing them with all medical procedures needed to start their 2021 year off on the right paw.

This year was a struggle in many ways but with your gifts we turned that struggle into action. Your tax-deductible gifts made before midnight, tonight, December 31st will allow us to continue to adapt in this ever changing world and to help every pet we encounter thrive.

One More Great Reason To Give!

Under the CARES Act pandemic relief program that passed in March, individual taxpayers can take a deduction of up to $300 for donations made in the year 2020. You still also get to claim the standard deduction, making this a one-time incentive for people to support nonprofits like HSSA without having to itemize on their tax return. Give now.