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Arizona Gives Day 2020

Every Hour. Every Pet. Every Dollar. Arizona Gives Day... and every day

For Arizona Gives Day this year we wanted to show our supporters what one typical day in the shelter looks like. We have a big goal this year and we need your help. We hope to raise $75,000 for the pets in our care. The pets you'll read about below will directly benefit from your donation. In these trying times we need your help to keep providing high quality care to pets in need. Make you gift now by clicking here.


12:00 AM - Woodstock sleeps in his kennel.

At 12 AM in the shelter you will find many dogs tossing, turning and wishing that they were in warm comfy homes instead of the kennels. Woodstock however does not stir through the night. He has been homeless and looking for a forever family since September. It’s sad to say that he’s grown accustomed to the eerie sounds of the shelter after hours. This sweet boy has lived a hard life so far. He was transferred to us from PACC and has trouble controlling his high energy. He’s also a beautiful hound dog who is very vocal and has A LOT of love to give. We won’t give up on Woodstock and your donations make sure he is well cared for every day that he needs us. Arizona Gives Day is April 7th and you can help us to raise $75,000. These funds DIRECTLY care for pets like Woodstock and allow us to buy pet food, provide medical care and most of all provide shelter without time limits. GIVE NOW at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

1AM no play button

1:00 AM - Bottle babies waking up.

Fostering bottle babies can be a rewarding commitment - even at 1AM! Only a few weeks old, this kindle of kittens rely on the care provided to them by dedicated foster volunteers. These adorable baby kittens stir from their sleep for a middle-of-the-night feeding. As springtime rapidly approaches, HSSA’s Foster Care is preparing for kitten season and the huge demands placed on the shelter and foster care providers during this time. It will be especially challenging this year to find enough foster care volunteers and resources in the wake of the coronavirus. That is why on Arizona Gives Day we need your help in raising $75,000 to provide food, medical care, shelter, and fosters to these vulnerable lives. You can help these babies when you make your financial donation TODAY at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


2:00 AM - Trixie and Pumpkin wake up the cats!

Trixie, Pumpkin and their friends were happy to wake up and visit with us at 2AM. The kennels at night can be a scary place for cats that have never known anything other than living with a family. Pumpkin on the other hand was transferred to HSSA from PACC. For a sweet 2.5 year old cat she has spent a lot of nights in shelters. We are happy to announce that Pumpkin has found her forever family since creating this late night video! We’re so happy for her. She had one wish before she left which was to ask people like you to make an Arizona Gives Day donation in her honor. Without HSSA Pumpkin may have lived on the streets for years and never found the loving bed she gets to sleep in now. Make your gift in honor of Pumpkin and her friends at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


3:00 AM - Cardi recovers in Second Chance Unit

Cardi is a 1.5 year old pit bull mix who was brought to HSSA as stray after being found on the streets of Sahuarita. HSSA is contracted with the cities of Sahuarita and Marana meaning animal control can bring us pets found in those jurisdictions. We keep them safe until their owners retrieve them but often no one comes looking for them and we begin the process of healing them and prepping them for new, forever homes. Cardi came to us with entropion of the eye which means her eyelids were growing in a way that gave her tremendous pain and limited eyesight. In this video you can see Cardi healing in HSSA’s Second Chance Medical Unit (SCU) at 3AM. She is wearing her cone to make sure she doesn’t disrupt the healing of her eyes. This friendly girl is forever grateful to the donors that make surgeries like this possible for stray dogs like her. She’s also grateful for the bed she sleeps on and the gentle staff who care for her day after day. You can support Cardi and all the pets sleeping in the Second Chance Medical Unit tonight by making your gift to www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


4:00 AM - Mother cat Buttercup nurses kittens.

Buttercup is up at the crack of dawn! 4AM to be exact! Nursing her newborn kittens.Buttercup came to HSSA as part of a pet transfer from Pima Animal Care Center. She was VERY pregnant when we took her in and we immediately placed her with a dedicated and experienced foster care volunteer. Our volunteer provided her with a luxurious birthing suite in the warmth and comfort of her home. When the big day came Buttercup was a champ! She gave birth to beautiful kittens and all were healthy. HSSA knows that we couldn’t do what we do for pets like Buttercup without the serious dedication and follow through of our amazing foster volunteers. Fosters are up in the middle of the night quite often - especially when kittens come in without mothers and need to be bottle fed every 2 hours, or when mother dogs need comfort while giving birth.  We know our fosters are special and we hope you make a donation in honor of the hard work they put in with our most vulnerable and in need pets. Make you gift to congratulate Buttercup and her newborns at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


5:00 AM - Beans rests in the Second Chance Unit.

What happens to sick animals at HSSA? Our medical teams care about the health of every pet that enters our doors. For most, it is a simple matter of being examined and observed for a few days to determine if the pet is healthy. For some pets however, treatment and intensive care is needed. HSSA’s Second Chance Medical Unit provides pets like Beans with the extended medical care, medication, procedures and treatments that gravely sick or injured pets need. Beans was diagnosed with an upper respiratory illness (URI) and needed rounds of medication, special diet, and close observation in order to pull through. The Second Chance is a specialized care unit that saves precious lives but it would not exist if not for generous financial support. Donating to HSSA during Arizona Gives Day will help us raise $75,000 as a resounding answer to the question “What happens to sick animals at HSSA?”. Make your contribution today at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


6:00 AM - Sasha's morning walk.

14 year old Sasha was brought to HSSA when her owner was older and unable to care for her any longer. She is a mellow girl that loves to be pet and wags her tail when people walk by her kennel. She is almost completely blind and deaf which makes shelter life particularly stressful for her. Sasha looks forward to her daily walks with Dog Walker Volunteers. It’s her time to get out of the kennel and use her only sense she has left, her sense of smell! She puts her nose down and joyfully walks around the path each morning as she waits for her new, forever family. HSSA’s dedicated staff and volunteers provide gentle and compassionate care to senior pets like Sasha. You can help us continue this rewarding work and give a second chance to a senior pet by making your donation now at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


7:00 AM - Gary the cat eats breakfast.

Garry is a 2.5 year old cat that was brought to HSSA as a stray. We don’t know much about his kittenhood but we know that he quickly became a staff favorite at HSSA. He is gentle and sweet with beautiful green eyes. He tested positive for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which is common in the stray cat community. At HSSA we know that cats with FIV can live long and healthy lives if they are adopted into compassionate homes that give them regular medical visits, high quality food and a low stress environment. Speaking of food! We noticed that Garry LOVES to eat breakfast with staff members. After noticing how much his appetite perked up once staff members joined him in the catio we decided to make it part of our morning routine. He is a sweet and deserving cat and we are so grateful to be able to care for him with help from donors like you. Please make your gift today and help us serve breakfast to Garry and the hundreds of other pets at HSSA each morning. Give now at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


8:00 AM - Egypt, Ghost, and Buckeye playing!

At eight o’clock every morning, HSSA volunteers and shelter staff take small groups of dogs to the agility yard for playgroup. Today, Egypt, Ghost, and Buckeye are enjoying some much-needed fun! Playgroup isn’t just a fun time for the dogs. Yes, it provides exercise and an opportunity for high-energy dogs to burn off some of that energy, but playgroup also socializes dogs, gives adoptions staff a better understanding of each dog’s personality and traits, while also helping build trust and happiness within each pet. Providing more than just food and a kennel is crucial to the health and well-being of each pet. Programs like playgroup exist only through the financial support you provide. Help us to raise $75,000 so dogs like Egypt, Ghost, and Buckeye can do more than just wait for adoption in their kennel. GIVE NOW at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


9:00 AM - Jocko's breakfast is served.

Jocko was brought to HSSA as a stray from Marana. We wouldn’t be able to tell he was a stray with how immediately friendly he was towards every HSSA handler and volunteer. He loved making himself very comfortable on your lap but did show major anxiety when he was placed on a leash. He would squeal and cry when on a leash and beg to be picked up by his handler. When HSSA”s dog behavior team saw this behavior they knew he would be a great candidate for our New Beginnings Canine Program. This program gives dogs the chance to bond with Department of Corrections crew members and learn valuable training and socialization that will help them become more adoptable and happier overall. Jocko did very well in the program and worked on his leash anxiety with our behavior team before finding this new, forever home. Without the New Beginnings Canine Program Jocko may not have impressed his new adopters and found his forever home that quickly. If you want to make a donation to support this innovative program and to help us fill the dog’s breakfast bowls every day please make a donation today at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE and help us reach our goal of $75,000 for the pets in our care. 


10:00 AM - Chuck meets an educational tour.

HSSA’s Education team provides educational resources to our community. They present Humane Education principles to over 200 classrooms each year. Humane Education teaches basic empathy and responsibility - principles that stay with someone the rest of their lives. Our Education Department also provides several educational programs for pets, adults and children. In this video, our Education Team hosted a school field trip on a tour of our campus where they met Chuck, a shy dog who was curious about all the kids there to meet him. It was one of the last tours before we had to close our doors to the public. Our Education team and our Ambassador pets are unable to visit schools. Our Pet Vip therapy pets are no longer able to comfort patients at hospitals and assisted living facilities. HSSA’s incredible Humane Education team needs your help as we adjust to the current situation. If you would like to support homeless pets like Chuck, or the important work our Education Department provides to our community, please make a gift now at www.hssaz.org/DONATE


11:00 AM - Josie's on the Welcome Center couch.

At our Welcome Center, a typical day begins long before the doors open, and as eleven o’clock approaches, shelter adoptions staff prepare information on each pet, stock merchandise, and let Josie take her position on the lobby couch where potential adopters have a chance to meet and interact with the lovable couch potato. Giving potential adopters opportunities to meet and interact with the pets in our care is just one way to help improve dogs like Josie’s chances at finding the perfect home. Unfortunately, our PAWSH Stores and Welcome Center are currently unable to open for business due to the global pandemic and we are losing crucial revenue.  Meanwhile, adoptions are only possible by appointment making it even more difficult to find pets their forever home. This Arizona Gives Day we need your help to raise $75,000 to care for these pets during this unpredictable time. Make your donation today at www.hssaz.org/DONATE


12:00 PM - Shelter dog Chai is in the CEO's office!

It has been an exciting time at HSSA with newly-installed CEO Steve Farley jumping into the role feet first! One of the first things he wanted to do was to invite shelter dogs into his office each day. Chai has taken the opportunity to make herself feel right at home in Steve’s office! Giving sweet dogs like Chai every chance possible to get out of their kennels and interacting with people in a positive way is a pretty cool perk to being CEO. Steve, like every staff member at HSSA is passionate about helping find loving homes for every pet. Making each pet feel safe and comfortable during their time at HSSA is important. You can help make that happen when you give your financial gift to HSSA during Arizona Gives Day. Make your donation today at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


1:00 PM - Sheldon needed surgery.

At noon, shelter medical staff had no time to stop for lunch. Sheldon was brought in with a severe wound that required immediate surgery. The unfortunate reality of shelter veterinary care is that wounds like Sheldon’s are an all too common occurrence and many shelters simply do not have the means to provide necessary medical treatments. Veterinary care is expensive. It is also necessary for many pets. HSSA medical staff expertly treat each case and ensure the health and well-being of every animal they come into contact. It is grueling, emotional, and trying work, but the results speak for themselves. Thanks to the loving medical care he received, Sheldon was patched up and is in great shape! Soon, he’ll be healed and ready for adoption. Without financial support, HSSA would be unable to provide the quick response to Sheldon’s case, and to all of the medical cases that our veterinary teams see every single day. When you support HSSA with your financial gift, you are providing medical surgeries and procedures to those pets who need them most. Please give generously to HSSA during Arizona Gives Day to help us raise our goal of $75,000 and help homeless pets receive the care they need. GIVE at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


2:00 PM - Curie is an emergency medical case.

It was 2PM when a courageous girl walked through our doors. She was suffering from a dangerous case of mange. The skin infection could have been treated easily with a round of antibiotics early on but left untreated it became life-threatening and beyond painful. This pup is only 5 months old so she likely suffered from this condition the entirety of her life. We named her Curie. Curie was brought to HSSA from a reservation. We were unclear on specifics but were told that she came from a litter of puppies with this same severe condition. She was the only one that survived. Our Shelter Medical team went straight to work bathing her and giving her pain medications. A lot of her hair fell out during her first bath with us and she moaned in pain and confusion. This poor girl was on deaths doorstep when she walked into our shelter and we are proud to report that thanks to DONORS LIKE YOU she is healing beautifully. She can open her pretty eyes now and wags her tail when we come to take her to the play yard. It will take some time to see Curie fully recover but in only a few weeks we’ve seen her transform into the pet she always yearned to be. You provide these second chances for puppies like Curie when you donate to HSSA. Give now at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

UPDATE: Curie's progress.

We had the opportunity to check in on Curie. Look at her! We're proud of the progress she's made, and we're proud of the care we've provided her. You can be a part of Curie's recovery progress. Give now at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


3:00 PM - Bailey receives canine enrichment.

At 3PM on any given day you can find HSSA shelter dogs enjoying special treats provided by our Behavioral team and generous volunteers. In this clip you can see Bailey and 8 year old senior boy enjoying his peanut butter snack hung on his kennel. When you live at the shelter it’s the little things that make dogs feel safe - like comforting voices and delicious treats. Our staff and volunteers work hard to make sure each pet feels special and loved while with us. This particular activity gives them a great project to work on while the kennels may get boring at times. Bailey is a very special boy who knows many commands such as sit, stay and lay down. He would make a wonderful pet to a loyal owner who wants to give a senior dog the loving home he deserves. He has been living at the shelter for many months now and would love to meet you. To support pets like Bailey and HSSA’s Canine Enrichment efforts please give a gift now at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


4:00 PM - Bunnies at PAWSH Park Place!

Our PAWSH Park Place boutique is an important location for eastside adoption and pet supply needs. With PAWSH Park Place unable to open due to the current health crisis, our pets have even fewer chances at finding their forever families and our ability to cover our operating costs is greatly diminished. In this story, our wonderful store manager introduces two baby bunnies that were actually born while they were in an HSSA Foster home! These bunnies are incredibly cute and beyond friendly but with adoptions being conducted by appointment only, homeless pets like these will have to spend more of their lives at the shelter. We will continue to care for these bunnies, and all the pets waiting to go home, but we cannot without financial support from you. 

Also, our recently remodeled HSSA Thrift Store located at 5311 E. Speedway Blvd. at Craycroft Rd and Speedway Blvd has had to close during quarantine. Our Thrift Store, as well as PAWSH Park Place, provides HSSA with revenue that directly benefits pets in our care. Without the ability to operate these retail locations, pets like these bunnies are counting on your support during this trying time. Help support these bunnies by making your financial contribution today at www.hssaz.org/DONATE


5:00 PM - Molly finds her forever home!

At 5PM you are bound to find a grateful and excited pet hearing the words they’ve been waiting to hear “You’re perfect! Let’s go home!” That’s the kind of celebration that can be heard on any normal day in our Welcome Center. It is a big day for any shelter pet. Some have been on the adoption floor for a few days before meeting their new family. Some wait much longer while potential adopters pass them by. Molly had been with us since November until recently when her forever family walked through our doors! She was so excited to meet them and she loved the pink collar and leash they picked out for her. She wagged her tail as she walked out. There is nothing we love to see more than beautiful pets finding safe and happy beginnings with new forever families. In light of recent events, our ability to adopt amazing pets to loving homes has been drastically reduced. Adoptions are currently by appointment only making it almost impossible for every pet to get adopted. We will continue to care for the pets waiting here but we can’t do it without your help. Make your gift now at www.hssaz.org/DONATE so that we may continue to care for great dogs like Molly until we can celebrate their adoptions.


6:00 PM - Licorice enjoys cat socialization.

Licorice is a very special cat. She is 4 years old and lived with her previous family her entire life until her owner developed an allergy. She was brought to HSSA and we promised them we would take good care of her until she finds her forever home. We quickly learned what a cuddler Licorice is when she jumped on the laps of our Cat Socialization Volunteers! These generous volunteers make sure our cats remember how loved they are while they wait for their forever families. It’s important for our cats to remain socialized so they don’t become anxious or scared of people during this phase of their life. Licorice is one of many cats that benefit from the love and care of volunteers who still care for these pets in this difficult time. Without financial support, special programs and services like Cat Socialization would be impossible – especially now during the coronavirus outbreak. If you would like to make a gift to help Licorice and our Cat Socialization Volunteers, please visit www.hssaz.org/DONATE


7:00 PM - Kellie's a rabbit with sass.

As the evening begins, rabbits in our pocket pet kennels are calming down for the night. Rabbits are a very popular pet option right behind cats and dogs and many adopters are amazed to learn that rabbits can be litterbox trained and that they have personalities, too! We stopped in to visit with Kellie, our longest current rabbit resident. She definitely has a personality! HSSA provides pocket pets with enrichment activities, socialization, toys and treats and we never adopt rabbits that have not been spayed or neutered. Pocket pets are special and deserve the love and care of a home and a family. Until that lucky day, pocket pets like Kellie are provided for at HSSA thanks to your financial gift. This Arziona Gives Day, make your donation to HSSA and help the pocket pets stay happy and healthy for their forever families at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

8PM no play button

8:00 PM - Shelter dogs having a pajama party!

Sometimes a shelter dog just needs to have some fun! Staying in a kennel waiting to be adopted can be stressful and lonely. Staff and volunteers provide daily stimulation and nurturing enrichment to help each pet in our care be as happy and stress-free as possible. When HSSA received a donation of adorable puppy pajamas what else was there to do but have a pajama party? Our marketing team filmed this fun activity and the adorable images helped these dogs get adopted! Thanks to financial donations and donated items like these pajamas, HSSA ensures each pet’s stay in the shelter is the best possible stay it can be. For Arizona Gives Day this year, we need your help to make each day in the shelter better for each homeless pet. Donate NOW at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE

9PM no play button

9:00 PM - HSSA Special Events help save lives.

HSSA Events Department puts on some of the best events in town! Puttin’ on the Dog - our dog-friendly fundraising gala was voted the “Best Charity Event” in Tucson. Puttin’ on the Dog is a crucial source of funding for our Second Chance Medical Fund. Worryingly, Puttin’ on the Dog cannot be held as planned this Spring due to Covid-19. Without the Second Chance Unit, many pets would not have access to life-saving medical treatment, medication, surgeries, and care. It is now more urgent than ever to financially support the programs and services at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. This Arizona Gives Day, you can ensure that every homeless pet in medical crisis can receive their Second Chance at a happy and healthy life. Donate TODAY at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


10:00 PM - Milo has trouble sleeping.

It can be an easy mistake to think that just because HSSA provides clean, comfortable kennels to pets in our care, that these pets have a place to call home. A kennel is never a home no matter how nice the kennel may be or how long a pet must live in one. Most members of the public have never had the opportunity to see what it's like for shelter dogs to try and sleep at night. We stopped by and visited with Milo who was having trouble getting to sleep. The kennel environment is very stressful for dogs. They may have come from someone’s home or they may be used to living outside as a stray, but either way, living in a kennel is a difficult adjustment for a dog. Milo may be feeling stressed from being around strange dogs and people, or the strange sounds and smells, or from simply having a chain link fence separating him from us. HSSA shelter staff and volunteers employ many techniques to help alleviate these stresses, but at the end of the day, the reality is that, while in the kennel, it can be hard for dogs like Milo to really relax. That’s why we work so hard to find the right adoption for every pet. You can help Milo, too! Make your financial donation to HSSA on Arizona Gives Day to help us find every pet their forever home. DONATE NOW at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE


11:00 PM - Brynn and her foster puppies.

Late at night and around the clock, some of the most dedicated people are HSSA fostercare providers! Sure, being a foster means you get to play with cute puppies and kittens, or watch as a wonderful pet recovers from a medical issue, but there’s a lot more to it, too! Middle-of-the-night feedings, providing safe play areas, cleaning up and teaching puppies and kittens where to go to the bathroom - it is rewarding but oftentimes hectic work. We checked in with mama dog Brynn to see how she, and her litter of pups, was doing. After a full day of rambunctious playing, both mom and puppies were zonked out! Meanwhile, fresh food and puppy pads were ready to go for those late-night feeding frenzies! HSSA fosters provide a vital place for young and healing pets to stay safe and grow up strong but they can’t do it without your help. Making a donation to HSSA on Arizona Gives Day helps ensure that every litter of puppies and kittens has a foster home to go to when they need it. Make your financial gift to HSSA TODAY at www.HSSAZ.org/DONATE