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Letters from the Kennel


Why do you play music in the catios? #ASKHSSA

Why do you play music in the catios? #ASKHSSA Catio = Cat Patio (just in case your didn’t know!) One cool feature of our shelter is the indoor/outdoor spaces we provide for cats. These ‘catios’ also feature a sound system so our lounging cats can enjoy some tunes! Since classical music has shown to be […]


Does my pet like music? #ASKHSSA

Does my pet like music? #ASKHSSA For humans, music is an essential part of our lives. We listen, we dance, we sing. The human heart beat was the first drum. Animals, on the other hand, have widely different reactions to music depending on the species.  According to research conducted in the field of zoomusicology (the […]


What if my partner is allergic to my pets? #ASKHSSA

What if my partner is allergic to my pets? #ASKHSSA Sorry to hear that! Being diagnosed with an allergy to pets can be frustrating, especially for loving pet owners, or in this case, those who are looking at the possibility of living with a pet. Aside from the severe cases, many pet allergy sufferers have […]


How much exercise does my pet need? #ASKHSSA

How much exercise does my pet need? #ASKHSSA The short answer, it varies. While there’s merit to the old adage “If your dog is overweight, you’re not getting enough exercise”, determining what is an appropriate amount of exercise for your pet depends more on your specific pet’s needs rather than your own BMI. Different types […]


Does my pet love me? #ASKHSSA

Does my pet love me? #ASKHSSA Totally! Who wouldn’t love you. If you are curious about your pet’s true feelings for you, there are ways to tell! Learn to read these body language and behavioral cues and you’ll know that your fur babies really do love you! For dogs, leaning into someone is basically a […]


Will our pets get along? #ASKHSSA

Will our pets get along? #ASKHSSA My girlfriend is moving in… will our dogs get along? First of all, congrats. Sharing toothbrush space with another human being is a big step! Asking your pets to get along is a different matter. Dogs and cats, like people, have personalities. Consider moving in with a complete stranger […]

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Pet Photography Tips

Pet Photography Tips Say cheese… Tips for taking the best photos of your forever friends. Sit boy. Your dog will always look better in a photo if they are sitting still. Master this trick with these tips and proceed to step two. Tempt with delicious treats! After photographing hundreds of shelter pets we can tell […]


Is it safe to take my dog hiking? #ASKHSSA

Is it safe to take my dog hiking? #ASKHSSA Yes, but be on guard! Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the Tucson area. However, there are some safety precautions to consider. You wouldn’t go hiking in the hottest parts of the year without ample hydration. If you’re taking your dog with […]


Can my pet be a therapy pet? #ASKHSSA

Can my pet be a therapy pet? #ASKHSSA Good question. Before we can answer this question, it is important to know that not every pet is suited to being a therapy pet. Therapy pets are introduced to new people and new environments constantly. They must possess a high degree of socialization towards strangers – especially […]

Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Puppy Snacks

Super Bowl Puppy Snacks Celebrate the big game day with your favorite canines Whether you’re a Patriots fan or you back the Rams all the way, you are sure to be watching on Sunday, February 3rd. Check out these pet friendly treats you can serve up on game day. –Football cookies for dogs –Game Day […]


Rats enter retirement

Rats enter retirement Humane education ambassadors retire to forever homes Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup, and Lucy have served the Humane Society of Southern Arizona Education department for the past two years. They have joined our Education staff in school visits, Summer Camps and Birthday Pawties. These rats helped children learn about gentle animal handling, pet overpopulation […]